Posted by: Mayu | August 23, 2009

Flora, Hermione, Nellyy and cyrus

When I opened my gates Flora and Nellyy luckily got through my town, but not Herti-pi, because Hermione was quicker lol. I hope you weren’t that sad Herti-pi, we’ll meet up very soon again 😉

Flora and Nellyy tried the August event. I hope everyone is having a full carpet catalogue now…?

Uh-oh, Flora picked up a tile. As punishment she had to bear my cutting wheel of umbrella! 😈

And I’ve got a new neighbour 🙂 : it’s Yuka from koeln

Cough cough, sorry Nellyy, but I couldn’t resist :mrgreen: 😆

Just before I had to close my gates, cyrus from Rutland came in, a new friend of me ^^

He was moving quickly through my town that I had difficulties to get a good pic of him lol.

Here I asked him to stay a minute still xD. Thanks cyrus, sorry again, that I had to close that soon.

A last pic of Nellyy and me then I had to open my gates with Yuki ^^



  1. Grrr! My catolog still has 6 missing!!! Sorry Mayu. 😦 oh well…

    • Flora, can you tell me what carpets are missing? When you look on my master item list, the carpets are ordered there like in your catalogue, so I think it’s quite easy to figure it out what is missing now.

  2. Oh my god!
    My cute Yuka! atleast shes in a town I know of XD
    Oh.. I didnt even notice she wanted to move, because she was sick so I didnt visit her D:
    I HAVE to see her.. I hope she remembers me ❤

    • Awww you didn’t even know about it? Poor you xP

  3. ehm that Anonymous person was me sally xD

  4. cyrus from Rutland can u add me i added u
    name: Damain
    town: Poland
    fc: 309460160877

  5. Mayu, i was wondering why you hadn’t put up K.K. Slide on your music yet, cause that’s who is at my town and i don’t know what song he does at all! Please help me!!! i need help a.s.a.p! Casue that’s the ONLY K.K. that’s ever been to my town! i need your help right away! A.S.A.P! Help me!! 😦

    i need your help right away!!!

    Emily. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  6. i don’t see any K.K. Slide music anywhere that i need. i don’t see K.K. slide on there so i gave up on the finding K.K. Slide music so yeah……. i fine with it and i have no trouble that i’m never gonna find it.

    Emily. 😦
    p.s i am really fine just to let u know. 🙂

    • You mean a song named “K.K. Slide”? 😕 I never heard of this, I’m sorry… 😦

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