Posted by: Mayu | August 23, 2009

Flora from Daffodil

Today I had a date with Flora, we wanted to meet up 7.30PM my time and when I looked for her gates I already saw two people in there. Oh, hurry up Miki that you can get in, too *huff huff*

Yaay, here I am! 😀 Woow, you have such a lot of patterns, that’s cool!I like the flag and the dog is soo cute ~♥

A group pic of us (from left to right): Slade, Flora, me and Herti-pi ^^

Ohh, what a lovely house, Flora, I liked the way you decorated it ^^

Let’s see how the inside looks like…

Ah, a warm fireplace, how comfy! Herti-pi and me are warming up ourselves 🙂

A really pretty living room ^^

OMG, who’s that? Is it the white version of Slimer in Ghostbusters??? EEEEEEEEK!!!
(see the green version lol: 😆 )
(pic source:

Phew, no, it was Slade :mrgreen:

Flora and me tried one of her patterns on. It’s her selfdesign dog pattern.

Here you can see it in full beauty, isn’t that lovely?? 😮

Herti-pi was also trying that. We look like we’re having a pyjama party 😀

In the very end Nellyy dropped by but we decided soon to go to my town, so let’s hope to see you all soon again ^^



  1. Wheres your chat’room? its dissappearded

    • She deleted it. 😦

      • *sigh* Its Very Sad 😦

  2. yes we all miss it 😦
    does anyone want to wifi with me?
    plz? 🙂

    • Im OPEN.

      • yay sorcha!
        im coming 🙂

      • You Are? Coolio Even Though you dont have My FC

        • awh why does copper HAVE TO BE SO STUPID?

  3. awwww:( how am i going talk with everyone?
    my name: Bubb(: Town: Fantasie Code:
    im going to miss that chatroom!!!!
    whч she delete it??? 😦

    • bubb ill add you!
      add me too
      0131 0576 4338

  4. im still on message on here!! xx

  5. i added you’ open yours gates??

    • Were @ Herti-pi’s

  6. Coolio whats your fc?


    • Its Me ALEX!!! Lol I Made an Account its On the FCS under ALEX!

      • ok 😛

  7. go on this guys!!!!
    ^ i dont go on that no more’but its alritee:L


  9. It wont let me in

  10. I gotta go sorry.

    I’ll see you guys later!!

  11. oh its ok!

    • oh i TOTALLY dig that stupid copper :@
      he makes me FURIOUS with all those error codes.
      yay i LOVE him :@

      • lol

  12. Im back

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