Posted by: Mayu | August 23, 2009

Cyborg ‘Me-ki’

Every second sunday I promised to open at 9PM with Yuki, as I also wanted to meet up Leesh again.

I didn’t have to wait long for Meow, the pharao and blue-eyed Leesh, hi you two! 🙂

Haha, I said Meow looked like a Monchichi, but she didn’t know what it was, so here, Meow, especially for you click on this:
Lol, I even found a white one in the web, mine was normal brown xP )
(pic source:

Leesh didn’t have much time to play tonight, so after she went visiting Vesta she had to go.

I showed her the way to the gates, because she got lost before xD

After that Meow and me also had a good time together. Here I caught an elephant beetle.

A close-up pic of us. You’re soo tanned Meow!!

Having fun with fireworks ^^

We tried out if the pharao mask also smiles when lighting a sparkler 😆
But no, how boring! 😛

Hahahaha! Look at the Yuki-Meow-combined creature xD. A tanned pharao with golden beard 😆 :mrgreen:

Or scarier: “Me-ki cyborg”!!! That was a fun evening, thanks a lot, Leesh and Meow 😀 😀



  1. I missed out. Looks like you and Meow had a good time. Since I will be in Vancouver in 2 weeks, do you want to meet up the usual time but on Sept 13th instead?

    I am having two of my friends over this Thursday and we are going to play ds to ds. One girl is new to AC:WW so it should be lots of fun.

    • Yes, that sounds good to me ^^
      So let’s play on Sept 13th again. And have a lot of fun in Vancouver 😀

  2. The cyborg Me-ki looks cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Haha!!! Its a gold bearded egyption!!!! XDD

  4. Could you re add me, Mayu? (ps, i’m 11)

    0045 1765 0352

    • Yes sure Yotsuba/Flora 😀

  5. you should add last two pics to best moments!

  6. lol Tilly go on chat!

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