Posted by: Mayu | August 21, 2009

Cindy, Dawn and sally in my town

After my turnip sale I promised to open my gates ^^

My first visitor was Cindy :D, you know her also as Happi, but she had to create a new town and now she’s Cindy ^^

Hahaha, the pigtail is in front of the crown, oh nooo xD 😆

Well Sorcha was there for … around 10 sec? She didn’t even got the chance to enter my town because Wifi crashed, meeeh!! 😦

After that Dawn and Cindy came back but also sally. Sally, aaaaaargh, I haven’t got any picture of you in my town 😯 , why that? Silly me!!! Sorry about that, I should be really more careful of whom I already got a pic and of whom not.

I had a really good axefight with Dawn and Cindy :mrgreen:

So dangerous! lol

Yaaay, Dawn caught an Atlas beetle, awesome!

And for my last pic of this evening I took Cindy as the sleeping guardian of Tortimer 😛

Random youtube video advertisement, you should check some new videos of Dawn and Tilly again 😉 , have fun 😀

Dawn (Lilymaypup) :

Tilly (tillyfromzikkopop)

I liked them all 😀



  1. Did you get my letter? And was it hard to find me? Sorry that was sleeping, but i had to eat 😦

  2. I dont believe it crashed!!

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