Posted by: Mayu | August 20, 2009

Short visit to France and Candy-Choc-theme in Cookie!

After the third Wifi crash I was quite happy to see another gate open, that’s why I was visiting Sorcha in her town France ^^

Ohh, Georgiie(left) and her sister Nellyy(right) were also there, yaay! 😀

Doesn’t Sorcha look so sweet on this pic? I also want this flower emotion from Dr. Shrunk, but I haven’t seen him for a long time again, and when he’s there, he doesn’t have it to choose, I bet!! 👿

We helped Sorcha to plant more fruit trees over her town. We were so busy that I forgot to take more pics of that 🙄
And soon Sorcha had to go so I headed over to Nellyy’s town Cookie 😉
Thanks for letting me visit Sorcha, it was great fun in France :D.

When I entered Cookie, I was really surprised! 😯 Whoa, what are all these awesome patterns??? I knew that Georgiie and Nellyy are really great ACWW designers, I also admired the ice theme Georgiie and Nellyy did last winter (look here )

She explained that it was a Chocolate-Candy-Cookie pattern, what a nice idea! 😀

Ahahaha! What a cute cookie-monster flag! xD I loved to see Sesame Street when I was little, well it was mainly the only program for us kids that time lol.

Amazing!! Look at this chocolate pool! 😯 So yummy!! 😆

Soon the town was full again, as there were (from left to right): Nellyy, Emily from Rockstar, Bree and me ^^

I’ll show you more of the lovely spots in Cookie:

Golden roses everywhere! 😀

At this little hot choc spa (lol) we decided to make it hotter by…

…lighting some fireworks 😆 :mrgreen:

All queing up to leave a comment on the bulletin board 🙂

Lol, do you know why in front of townhall there are some patterns missing?

I was really impressed dear Nellyy you built up a wonderful creative town and I bet many want to see your town with their own eyes now, lol.
Thanks also to Bree and Emily, I really enjoyed the evening ^^



  1. That was a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet evening lol!!
    Love the chocolate pool 😀
    Thanks for the visit!!!

    Summer 🙂

  2. That was too much fun! I love playing with u guys!!

    Thanks for all of the fun!


    • Hi emily can you add me to your roster?..? My fc is: 4168-3268-7885, my town is: Daffodil and my girl is: Flora Ty xx Please add me i’ll add you!

  3. Wow! Looks like fun! I bet redd came to town and stole all the patterns. Or katrina XD

    • You’re absolutely right lol.

  4. Oh my goodness! That town looks soo cool! I wish I could see it with my own eyes, right Mayu? 😛

  5. mayu i have two new videos ^^ (at the moment the second one has another 1hr 20min until its loaded, but the other one is ready) 😉 please take a look =D

  6. I need to try out my gravatar

  7. OH NO! Please delete that last comment. *Sick* asap

  8. Oh my gosh it worked!


    • Well done, Sorcha, you look cute on this pic 😀

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