Posted by: Mayu | August 20, 2009

Dawn’s visit and Sorcha’s Car Boot!!

Dawn came for a short visit to my town ^^. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to take lots of pics of her, but a few I can show you 😉

While Dawn was having a shower, I took a pic of this sleeping beauty 🙂

Haha, head bumping is so much fun 😆

Your Kiwi shirt makes you so pretty, Dawn 😀

Tehehe, hope to see you soon again 😉

In the afternoon I promised to visit Sorcha in her town France to have a look on her CAR BOOT day 😀 !

Ohhh that looks good, Sorcha! So many items on the ground. And it’s really cheap, for these items in between the red-white squared pattern you only need to pay 100 bells for each 😀 ! Awesome!!

I chose that shirt and the nice umbrella 😀 . Bree also came for a visit, hii! 😀

Tehehe, what a coincidence, Gracie’s car is standing in front of the townhall. I wonder if she wants to sell it on the Car Boot too 😛

Wow, Sorcha has got such nice patterns in front of her house ^^. I like the flower pattern at the border.

Baabara looks like she’s teaching me something lol. But she’s so cuute and moving out of France, I hope I’ll get her too 😛 :mrgreen:

She found other things to sell! Now we can even buy furniture and a 4-Leaf-clover for only 500 bells! 😀 Yay, that was really fun ^^

To everyone, if you want to buy something from Sorcha’s Car boot too, just leave a comment here, I think she won’t mind to open again for others, if you’re interested 😀
(I’ll deleted this sentence, if you don’t want to do it again Sorcha lol)



  1. Im fine with opening again! It went really well! Also I’ve planted many many flowers, and the trees are all planted =]
    So now I just got to buy flowers everyday and plant them… Everyday *Sigh*
    But Mayu was kind enough to help me with my morgage! 200.000 bells were paid of… How do you get so much?!
    hehe! Ok, Im home again today, so give us a call and I’ll open.
    Oh, and I still couldn’t get in last night emily… I dunno whats wrong, we can try again today!
    Ok Mayu! Thanks for writing about me, the car boot is smaller now, but me and summer (Set up a stall yesterday after you left) have earned a bit of money! Im thinking of collecting my old junk and having another one!
    So keep your eyes peeled for more!

  2. Oh one more thing!
    BAABARA ISNT LEAVING!!! I managed to convince her to stay!!
    Good like finding another sheep, cause I’m having her! 😉

    • Ahhh great, so let’s see who of us is getting the other sheep from somewhere else first! muahahaha! :mrgreen:

      • Its on Mayu! Grrr!



    Carboot sale CLOSING 10pm today!!!



    So HURRY UP before its TOO late!!!!!


    4941-4294-4935 Emsyjane Emerald


    • whats your town called?

  5. Its soo unfair.
    Im soo unhappy

    Mayu, either Bree, Nelly or Rosalie stole 2 pitfalls from me from my car boot, so unfortunately I had to close my sale 3 hours short….

    Im so sad someone could steal from me *Sniff*

    • Oh nooo 😦
      I know exactly what you feel…
      it’s really sad that some people just steal instead of asking. And your items weren’t expensive at all, how unfair!!! 👿

      • Mayu I just got into your town, and the wifi lagged!
        I don’t believe it!

        Now Im left out, robbed, and I dont have the right shirt.

        *Sigh* I give up.

  6. Ok, I need Bree, Nelly and Rosalie to listem up.
    Unfortunately I’m going to be harsh about the situation.

    Until one of the three of you come foreward, none of you can enter my town.

    Sorry, but I dont know who is a theif.

    • Hi sorcha,
      id like to say you only told me yesterday i didnt even know what happened or what was stolen, and anyway i would never steel! your my bff why would i steal from you or from anyone else,
      I havent taken anything,
      all i bought was a shirt from nelly for 100 bells when she set up at your town, and nothing else!
      Im telling the truth,
      i would never steal!
      And its sad to hear that someone stole at your town! What was the item that was taken?


    • *Listen

  7. opps i just read the ubove 2 pitfalls i didnt read that bit :s
    But seriously i didnt do it, I would never steal and i hate pitfalls anyway!
    And ive bought from your stall before and paid and its not like its exspensive! so i just want to confirm i didnt do it!


    • Ok, but to work out who did do it, I need you to write me a statement of what you did during your visit please.

      Luckily our sleepover can be on! Woohoo!

  8. Yay my worked!!

  9. O_o France has changed SO much…

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