Posted by: Mayu | August 19, 2009

My new friend Herti-pi from Outback

At 3PM I had a date with one of my new friends, so I left my town Mitsukyo in Germany to head over to Outback in Sweden 😀 :

Hello? Yay, nice to be in Outback! 🙂

May I introduce you – that’s Herti-pi, hiya! 😀

She was a lovely guide through her town. At first we went looking her cute house:

Hooray! I found another turnip trader xD!! 😆 I loved the star pattern as carpet, that’s really awesome! 😮

Next to the house you can find this lovely spot ^^

Ohhh she has got Tabby as neighbour xD. I like these weird faces like Tabby or Rasher lol

Oh? What has Herti-pi got on the bait?… dun…dun…DUN….

Bah!! Just an odd seabass!! 😈

LOL, I laughed a lot about Cube’s catchphrase ‘munchmunch’, what a cute phrase xD

You’re a really nice girl Herti-pi, let’s head over to my town ^^

She picked some missing fruits from my town.

Hey! Look at Herti-pi, when you’re talking to her, Vesta, geeez! 😆

She also enjoyed my August event… 🙂

…and we chit-chatted about frogs lol. In Swedish a frog is ‘groda’ and they do ‘kvack kvack’ if I remember right, sounds so cool ~♥

It was a LOVELY afternoon, thanks a lot, Herti-pi ^^



  1. we had so much fun! 😀
    i hope well meet again soon

    • Yep, it was also VERY nice to meet you Herti-pi ^^
      Feel free to come over every time you see my gates open 😉

  2. Hey wanna come over?

  3. Im having a car boot
    So Im open



    • Hello sorcha id love to come over to you someday (even if im not popular lol)



  4. Hey Miki, my tan is almost gone! *cries* I will have to stay outside for hours to get it back. But a good thing, Dr. Shrunk came to my town and i got the laugh emotion 😀

    • yay, you had Dr. Shrunk, how nice 🙂
      He has to come to my town too 😈

  5. umm, i saw you was ON and was wondering if you could come to my town?

    • awww sorry, but I’m really busy with answering all the comments of the last few days *sigh*
      And then I’ve to prepare supper again, meeh, but I’ll try to open at my usual time 😉

      Btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, I just saw your comment from the last days, so sorry, that I haven’t read it earlier 😥 😳

      • Not even a quick visit? =( Im booored 😦 You can answer while you’r here? =D That would not mind me, .. 🙂

        • No, really not sorryyyy 😳
          And I would like to prepare some presents also for you 😉

          • Aww, :/ Thats ok I think 🙂 Maha, Ohh Thank You! 😀 Not bells, please x) My bank account is full, I think :’D Can You Order Backyard Garden Carpet for me? 🙂 I need that for my theme x))

            • Yes, that’s ok. Anything else you always wanted to have? :mrgreen:

            • AND a cream sofa? =D BLAIRE – actually loves her cream sofa so I can’t buy it from her.. stupid squirrel x)

              • and the fan? =D lol, I thought I had it. 😮 lol, what kind of event are you going to have in september? =)

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