Posted by: Mayu | August 19, 2009

Fun with Dawn in Twinleaf

Phew today I’ve to post about 4 meetings lol, so please bare with me when I don’t post them just right now all after the other (I also have a real life, yes, indeed lol)

At first I went to Dawn’s town Twinleaf. She invited me to come when I was in chatroom and of course I wanted to meet her up again 😀

Ohh, she has got a new flag! Dawn said, it shows us a Pokemon called Leafon, that fits perfectly to her town name 🙂

We went visiting her neighbours, and Tangy even recognized me from Jake’s town BLACKZ, haha, that was surprising ^^

What a cute picnic blancet frame 😮 . Pink doughnuts, how yummy~♥ 😆

Even Bob loves pink shirts, but he’s a real cat, only fish you can find in his house :mrgreen:

Inside Dawn’s house we had a nice headbumping together tehehe.

I like this photo of us two next to the lovely kitchen. And behind me you can see Pinky’s pic ^^

Yay, us sitting behind Nan and Peanut 🙂

Haha, all charas of Twinleaf have got a big bed in the attic. I pitied Ash who has to sleep on this hard boxing arena 😆

Dawn made a pattern of all the charas living in this house, awesome! 😀

Thanks a lot letting me visit, dear Dawn ^^



  1. Am I the only one who commented? Hi Dawn! May i visit your town sometime, I’ll find you on the FC page and add your fc! You o the same (if you want!) My name is Flora btw. I’m from Daffodil. Add me please.. :+)

  2. Hi Dawn! I’d also like to visit your town. It looks so nice! ❤

  3. I designed the Leafeon

    • Aww Zoe you have such great talent in designing. You should post your patterns ony our blog, too 😀

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