Posted by: Mayu | August 17, 2009

4 water girls

My town was full again this evening, as there were:

Cupcake in the blue shirt and princess Nicole ^^.

Someone shook my money tree again yesterday 😦 , so I had to plant another one on the same spot. This time I only had 80.000 bells in my pocket, I hope it will nevertheless bloom money bags (80.000 bells means 80% chance to get money bags)

Cupcake gave me this woolen hat as present, thanks a lot!! 😆
*phewww, was that HOT!!!*

And I met Bella from forks for the first time, nice to meet you!! 🙂
She had an axe in her hands, but this was because we had a funny axe fight before lol (and everyone was participating haha)

Chit-chatting was of course also a lot of fun, actually it’s the thing I most enjoy in our meetings 😀

Bella showed me her three emotions she’s got and we put our water pattern clothes on xD.

All us water girls are standing on the bridge 😛 . That was really refreshing and cool indeed, tehehe.

Thanks for coming over, I had a lot of fun with you ^^



  1. hey miki,…. sorry bad news ( 😦 ) i hope you and everybody enjoyed my last play in acww until december. i wont be able to go on chat or blog…. this is my last week until December…. you want reasons?
    1. i had to buy a pen drive for computer class in school.
    2. school from 8:00am to 3:00pm my time it’ll be 9:00pm your time when its 3:00pm MY time, so its inpossible to play everyday…
    3. saturdays and sundays i have plans and spend time with family
    4. im graduating 6th grade in may so we are preparing the shirts (big party 50th anniversary of school so BIIIIG par-tay!
    5. i have proyects and homework to do for english class<<< hard… and spanish << easy! math,science,social studies and more << of course! ( so fun btw…. I HATE SCHOOL NO MATTER WAT.
    uhh ah! 5. every day busy until december/next vacation month. january and december….. then back to school waiting for may of course miss montana is graduating!
    6. then wait for the 2010 SUMMER! phew… ( i can't wait..!
    so those are the reasons. and probally more pherhaps.<< ( i think is miss spelled you know … english is HARD

      so… as i was saying…, ( i accidently pressed a botton and poof! my comment was submit. well… sorry miki… maybe if your lucky i’ll come to your town maybe one visit per month or so………. 😦 sorry… have fun! 😉

      • btw…. im having a wii and animal crossing city folk the 28th of august!!! sorry 3 comments at once… bye!

      • Ohhhh I will miss you Nicole, you are really a wonderful acww friend and I always enjoyed your visits!! THANKS A LOT for all the fun we had 😀 😀 :D!!
        Of course I understand that once school starts again, you can’t visit me as usual, the time difference is really a problem for my American friends to meet me up in my evenings… 😦
        Nevertheless, I wish you ALL THE BEST for the near future and hopefully we’ll meet up soon again, just give me a hint whenever you can play again ^^

        • sure miki! maybe tomorrow …. its saturday tomorrow and sunday may be possible to play…. but i dont think so. i’ll try my best!

  2. anyone wanna go to mayus chat room

    • NO THANKS I DONT WANT TO…. WANNA KNOW WHY? because… there everybody settles dates and i cry because i cant come….. why because im busy!

      • Nicole are you allright?
        You sound kinda crazy, prehaps you should see the doctor!

        Mayu, Im woried about her…


        • what are you talking about? 😯 ❓

          • Nicoles gone crazy lol

            • ummm

              • =]

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