Posted by: Mayu | August 14, 2009

Meeting up 7 friends ^^

Vesta showed me a letter this afternoon from Meow :mrgreen:

Awww she’s sooo happy about it, tehehe xD

In the evening I played with Miki again and I met a LOT of friends tonight^^

My first visitors were Alisa (tanned Kiwi girl), Cupcake (berret) and Nico (Punk), yaay, especially long time no see dear Cupcake, I was happy to see you all again ^^

Abracadabra~!! I’ll turn you into a…

…cute tanned Geisha!! 😆 (you won’t EVER see a tanned Geisha in Japan hahaha!)

Hey, don’t be scared about me, Cupcake! Simsalabim~!!

… tehehe now that’s a lively happy Cupcake ^.^

I also visited Hermione tonight ^^. Nice to be in Greece again, thanks for your invitation 😀

Yuck, I don’t like the long locust very much… put it away andrew 😛

Together with andrew I’ve been looking inside Hermione’s house. Yay, you’ve got some Nintendo items, that’s pretty cool!

The teddy bears in front of Hermione’s bed are so cute 😮 !

Haha, at first sight I’ve thought, that there was a weird big white turnip next to me xP, but it was a green cap instead 😆

Later on Hermione (right) and my new friend LUCY from HEATH(left) came for a visit 🙂

LUCY was really kind and gave me 6 golden roses and a Gracie shirt, I gave her two Gracie’s shirt of me in return. A big thank you also to cody, whose roses they were 😉

Holli dropped by and changed her hairstyle into blonde pigtails 🙂 .
I was crying here because I realised that I couldn’t throw a message bottle while playing over Wifi 😛



  1. lucys looks so happy

  2. I knew u could not do bottle mail over wifi because me and my friend tried to do sincroniced ds-ds but it did not work

  3. Lucy looks so cute! ❤

  4. i was anonymous

  5. I’m back from the beach!!!

  6. Thea! Go on chat plz!

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