Posted by: Mayu | August 14, 2009

Another trip to Zikkopop, Australia

Yay, it’s Friday again – that means I’ll meet up with Tilly ^^

I was a little bit tardy, because I had to order some furnitures for Tilly first 😳
But I’m glad to see lovely Zikkopop again ^^

Yaay, Tilly breeded a blue rose here! 😀

These are the furnitures that I’ve ordered for her. She was busy at the moment, as you can see it’s still not on the right spot lol.

Tilly has such a lot of neighbour pics in her house, you did really well !! 🙂

Uh-oh, Wolfgang says something like: “Persons like you I’ll eat for breakfast!”

Ohh this classic room is adorable~♥

Tilly got this citrus shirt from Gracie ^^. It suits you!! 😀

Visiting Kabuki in his Japanese Dungeon room… 😦 (I want to see Shoji and Tatamiiiiiii 👿 )

Tilly dug her red turnip, it was the biggest one, yay!

And Dawn came for a visit, hooray! 🙂

We all chit-chatted about the awesome videos both put on youtube. May I show you two examples of them?

That video is from Tilly, called ‘My ACWW Neighbours Photos’ (youtube name: tillyfromzikkopop):

Awww I like to hear your voice, Tilly, so nice and cute 😉

And that’s one example of Dawn’s Video, she has got a lot uploaded there, just check her profile 😉 (youtube name: Lilymaypup)

Such a lot of sweet pics, lovely!! xD

I enjoyed this morning, we had a lot of fun!! 😀



  1. nice

  2. lol mayu that was the blue rose you gave me i didnt breed it XP

  3. Your videos are soo good, guys! I also like Tilly’s voice, I wish I had an accent. </3 Dawn, did you draw those pictures?! 😯 And I like that song you played with the video. If you have email, could you please email it to me? (I'll give you my email once you respond 😉 )

    • i have an accent??? lol

      • Yeeees, you do! xD

        …But then again, if you were to hear my voice, you’d probably call it an accent… .-.

        • tehehe i guess i would 🙂

          • :mrgreen:

            Mayu, do you know where Dawn got that music from? I really like it. ❤

            • No sorry Lightshine, you should ask herself 😉

              • Aww… do you know where she might be? 😛

                • Next time I see her I’ll show her these posts 😉

                  • Okay! 😀


    • I`m on his blog FC! ah who is he agh

    • Thanks Tilly, I knew of it right of the moment, when he published these posts 😕 !!
      I was really angry that time and left a comment there, but it seems the owner gave up this blog, but it would be better when he’d delete it…

      • I also left a comment to say u would not be happy

        • thanks emsyjane I appreciate it 😉

  5. Kool! Wow Tilly, you have loads of pics of neighbours! I wish I did! I love ur accent too! Maybe we could wi-fi sometime? Do you have city folk? Flora x x x

    • yes i have cf but id just like to tell you my wifi is pretty on/off it works sometimes not the others 😦

  6. hi mayu im making another video! please watch it when you have time =)

    • is it about the walruss? I saw it, it must be a very clever walruss lady 🙂

      • hmm? a walrus? no, thats not it 😉 im uploading it right now, its my town before i revamp it 8)

        • ohh ok lol I’ll have a look later 😉

  7. TILLY!!!!!! Please I hope this catches your attention! I really want to wi-fi wth you on acww. I’ve already added you but you have to add me… Please? My info is: Flora………..from: Daffodil………… fc: 4168-3268-7885 please?

  8. oops… my email was wrong and I’m still Flora from Ireland Mayu!

    • lol ive added you, just whats your timezone?

  9. -1 hr from mayu’s

  10. Have you added me tilly? And could we wi-fi sometime soon?

    • Tilly only has got time to Wifi from friday to sunday, but on fridays we always meet up around 9AM my time. So feel free to come too 😉

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