Posted by: Mayu | August 12, 2009

Busker Nico

This evening was very calm and relaxing ^^

Paige came for a visit 🙂

But also Happi ❤ and Nico, it's nice to see you all three again 😀
Wow, you're sooo much tanned Happi!! 😮

Well, Paige had to go soon and Alisa came instead ^^.
We had again another cute firework show from the bridge 🙂

I also wanted to do a pic of them from a distance 😉

Hahaha, that was a weird situation, I still saw Nico lighting up (nothing) for a long time :lol:. He said he was able to walk just like usual around my town, but I only saw him standing at the bridge xD, tehehe! When I entered my house and came back then it returned all back to normal 😉

Lol, Nico was singing all the time there until Happi and me dropped some bells xD!
Happi was much more splendid than me, she gave 10.000 bells, me only 100 xP 😳

After that we swam in my fountain xD.

Thanks for the fun and sorry that I had to leave soon as I had such bad headaches 😉 .



  1. cool, miki u luck like your sinking into seeweed, haha xDDD

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