Posted by: Mayu | August 11, 2009

The AFK umbrella!

Today I opened my gates with Miki again, hoping that some of my Australian friends would come over 😉

And surprisingly Tilly came, hooray! 😀 She has got 2 days holidays in her area, that’s why she could come, although it’s a Tuesday ^^

Hahaha, what a nice idea!! xD Tilly designed an AFK pattern, that everyone knows that she’s afk. And that time she was really afk to have a shower 😉

Zoe visited Mitsukyo too 😀 .

We had some silly moments in walking into pitfalls 😆

Whoa look at those eyes, PANIC!!!!! :mrgreen:

Oh my gosh, Zoe and me look still dizzy, while Tilly is alright again 😛

Doing the random hairstyle game again. Hmmm I think I’ve got the same ‘random’ pattern as last time oO, just colour turned into pink xD. And Zoe looks like Miki now ^^

Haha Tilly wasn’t happy with her style either xD.



  1. dizzyyy uss lol xd

  2. lol in the second pitfall picture you look like some mellow rat! LOL

    • You mean the third pitfall pic? Yes I thought that too, that I look like a mouse or something else hahaha

  3. yeyy, wearing my design pattern x)

    • Yes, I like that a lot ^^

  4. jeeko piloom l,atte

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