Posted by: Mayu | August 10, 2009

Triplet fun with Happi, Emmy and Miki

(sorry that you have to wait such a long time for this post)

I had a new friend from Norway in my town, yay! May I introduce you: it’s Happi ❤ from CandyLA, welcome to Germany 😉

We had a stroll over my town, like we all like to do when we’re new to a town 🙂

And she bought a lucky cat at Nook ^^

Showing our patterns that we have…

…and I chose one of her designs to wear. I love this summer fresh colours, Happi ^^

Whoa, another ocean sunfish, yay! xD

And we’re having a cool netfight lol

Later on Emmy came for a visit, wooot! 😀

We played Hide&Seek, here I just found Happi tehehehe! :mrgreen:

And me hiding behing a tree xP. It took Happi and Emmy a while until they found me 😉

Awww aren’t we cute? All have Happi’s shirt on and we have ice-creams in our hands, yummy! No, kidding, they are dandelions 😉

After a while we decided to visit Happi in her town Candy LA 🙂

Such a happy crab on the flag! 😮 Lovely~♥ !!

That’s Happi’s sweet house, it fits perfectly to my shirt lol.

Great living room!

But how can Emmy and I enter the comfy section there?? lol

I…need… coffeeee!!! 😆

Able sister was full when I wanted to enter. Hey you two, what are you doing there??

Awww, Happi changed her hairstyle to ours lol. Now we’re triplets!! 😀

Here Emmy released a big fish into the tiny pond lol. But unfortunately my timing of taking the pic was wrong, I got a pic before it has been released and after that 🙄

Let’s try once again, this time we all had fish in our pocket to release:

Argh only my puffer fish can be seen 😛
We have to try that once again!! 😉



  1. I want to know if either triplets or flying puffer fish r going on my best moments?

  2. That’s so funny! I hope you’re having a good time! BTW, what’s Miki’s Town!?!



    • It’s Mitsukyo 😉
      Ummm you can find all info about me on “My ACWW stats”? lol

  3. My mom let me have you stay on my friends list!!!



    • Hey, that’s great! 😀 I’ll open around 8PM my time this evening, so hope to see you soon^^

  4. Hi, I’m on Emily’s ds so yeah, I just moved into Rockstar yesterday! It was fun. So i was wondering if you wanted my friend code? I live in the same house as Emily does and we have to share on small haose cause we still have to pay off our loan.

    Bob/ Emily.

    • If you want to share a roster place in Miki’s fc list you can give me your friendcode too ^^

  5. Sorry I wasn’t on! I went to Irish Fest today! And tomorrow I’m gonna be performing! So, my gates are open, but not for too much longer!!!!!



    • hi Emily i see your on right now! please go on chat and tell me your details! im bored now!

  6. Hey Nicole! Sorry I wasn’t on for too long. Either I was sneak playing my ds, or just playing before i typed the other I’m sorry!



    Would you come to my town today/ but maybe later on cause I’m gonna be performing at Irish Fest today and they don’t want any DS’s backstage! And I think that isn’t fair!

    Emily/ Bob/ Emmy/ Bridget.

    • my charracters emmy…

  7. I’m on right now! Miki from Zikkopop is on right now, be Miki won’t open her gates!

    Somebody, anybody, please open your gates!



  8. Hey Mayu! Would you come to Emily’s town? She really wants somebody to come to her town.



  9. I’m opening my gates right now!

    Come on in,


    And that also means you Mayu! Cause I really want you to come to my town!!!

    • Awww we’re always missing us 😦
      Sorry about that but Saturday evening I was too busy to come… 😥

  10. Hey Nicole! My gates are open!!!

    Just to let you know!


    • if you can, go to chat!

  11. my town name is finnmark but I don’t live in Norway. But I wish I did!

    • that’s crazy. we have similar names.

  12. @acww2112

    my friend, anastasis is bored and wants to connect w/ sum 1 so can u play with her

    can u plz play w/ her?

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