Posted by: Mayu | August 10, 2009

Miki’s new friend: Paige from Town

I met another new friend this evening: it’s Paige from Town, nice to meet you ^^

The dark princess Zoe and Punk Nico also came for a visit, yay!

Zoe broke my gumball machine, now all gumballs are lying on the floor D: 😆

And she wanted to eat the legs of Gerogero!!! 👿 :mrgreen:

We were preparing some nice firework fun 🙂

There you go! Oh la la, sorry Zoe, it must have hurt you 😛

Later on when Zoe had to go, Alisa came instead 😀

Then we decided to go to Paige’s town but as we couldn’t see her gates (I was waiting around 5 min) I saw suddenly Alisa’s town open so I went there first 😉

Ahhh FishLand, your patterns are so cute x3

She worked on the perfect town status, that’s why there were squared patterns over the town 😉

Alisa has got a very beautiful tan. Then Paige finally popped in and invited us again to come.

So here we are in Town now! 😀 I was impressed by the golden path and this cute Manga girl of the chara Paige ^^

We got these awesome wolly hats as a present from Paige, thanks a lot! (pheww, we sweat a lot lol)

Whoa, look at this beach beauty Alisa! 😮

And cutiness Paige ^^. Thanks for all the fun we had! 😀



  1. Arigatou for the post!!

  2. Paige, come to my town tonight along with Miki

  3. mokkj oppk

  4. leev ojjjbb arpew

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