Posted by: Mayu | August 9, 2009

Mhhmm, fresh clover!

Hooray, today I had a meeting with Leesh and Meow at 9PM^^.
I really wanted to meet up Leesh again and as she can meet me only on her weekends we set up a date 😉

Haha, we look really alike today Meow, all in black/white and red 😛

And I noticed a new neighbour 😮 , Roscoe moved out and Bunnie came instead. Well welcome, but I already had her in my town, meeeh! lol

And Leesh arrived to Mitsukyo, yay! 😀

She was wondering how I could plant the clovers all in a row and I explained her that they are all four leaf clovers 😉

I gave her one and after she picked it up and put it in her hair, I saw this clover still ‘flying’ at the place she was showing it off before 😯 😯 . That was a funny glitch, I experienced that at the beach together with Nico and Liv a while ago, but this time I was the only one who could see the flying clover, awww xD.

Munch, munch! Hey, Leesh! Is that tasty?!? 😯 :mrgreen: Hahaha! 😆

Leesh is doing the August event!! 😀 It’s great to see that you got more confidence in playing over Wifi now 😉 . Don’t be afraid, you can’t make such severe mistakes over Wifi, and if bad things happen I still have the chance to power off my DS, so it won’t be saved xD lol

Then I visited Leesh’s town 90210 for the first time 🙂 :

Here I am! At first sight I thought the flag had letters in mirror writing but then I remembered that the town’s name only have numbers 😛

Yay, a pool right next to her house, that’s what we need in midsummer 😀

Let’s have a look inside…

Tehehe, Leesh also got an ocean sunfish as pet. We named him ‘Pickles’ ^^

I liked this room, especially the two comfy sofas in the corner with the yummy turnip on the table, lol.

But BBQ beats the turnips, awwww, looks so goooood ~♥

Leesh has got such a pretty garden, the stone pattern is really great!

And 90210 is covered with LOADS of flowers, awesome!

Haha, we’re all somehow in black/white/red fever? xD I was surprised by these note patterns, it almost looks like my skeleton shirt, tehehe!

Sorry Leesh that I didn’t come back after the Wifi crash, but it was already too late for me. But thanks for the great fun, Meow and Leesh! ^^



  1. Why don’t you wright about our meeting? =D

    • Sorry Happi, I’ll definitely write about it soon, but I was quite busy today… 😳
      But I already got the pics ready, I just need to make a post!! xP

  2. Hiya want to know who has Roscoe……? i have him or her i havent seen them though

    • I have him!
      You can come over sometime soon!

    • haha that’s great Georgina xD. My friend Meow hoped she would get him 😉

  3. The floating clover is s cool. You are right, I didn’t see it on my end. I am glad you snapped a photo of it.

    I am so sad that I didn’t participate in the wallpaper event. At least I know what to do now.

    Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for making a planned scheduled time for me. Let me know when our next date is…

    • If you’re missing only a few wallpapers I can order it for you Leesh, that would be no problem 😉
      Well, what about sunday in 2 weeks again? We can meet up every second sunday if you want to ^^

      • I will see you on the 23rd. I am sure Meow will be there too.

        Meow – I will probably see you before then.

  4. I’m behind you -2hrs. Can you play tonight Mayu???



    • Ummm that means you wrote this comment around 12AM your time?? Then it’s still too late for me, I’m afraid… 😦
      (It was 2AM here when you wrote this)

  5. Can you play today? Around 2:30 today? If that’s okay. Just wanted to know! Cause I have a friend who has to come over so we can go to each others towns cause she dosen’t have wifi. So if you could play today Mayu, that would be great! I’m on like every hour of the day, so yeah.


    • umm wait, 2.30PM would be 9.30PM for me, well I can see if I’ll see your gates or vice versa ^^. Let’s try it 🙂

  6. My time right now is: 12:22 a.m! And I have nobody to play ACWW with!

    Sad Emily.

    • Ah thanks for the info, so you’re 7 hours behind me ^^

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