Posted by: Mayu | August 8, 2009

Awesome firework party with Emmy

A saturday night in August is always special in ACWW, because there are firework shows in our towns :D!
Emmy invited me to have a party in her town Emerald. Summer was also invited but she doesn’t have Wifi yet, what a pity…
But perhaps some others might come to meet us up 😉

Awww how pretty!!! 😀 Emmy, you designed a wonderful firework pattern!

And look at these awesome firework in the sky ~♪

I had to go several times afk as we had a visitor at home in real life but every time I came back we lit some fireworks together ^^. Unfortunately no other ACWW visitor came to join our fun, but it was still a great party with Emmy, even if we were only two ;).

Emmy showed me her new firework room, isn’t that nice?

Haha, Emmy asked me to look for the Katie&Kaitlin-pic, but I couldn’t get there, can you see, why I never could touch the pic? xP

I also fetched this cool firework shirt, Emmy put a lot of effort in it ^^

Haha, back near the entrance, we are almost hidden with the same shirt and ground pattern ;). And when I do the ‘love’ emotion, my firework in the hand looks like a broom 😆

Cooiieee!! Where are we?? :mrgreen:

Another firework, we had such a lot of fun! 😀

Uhh, the dash lines make me dizzy lol

♪♪ We’re having a lot of fun, because it’s firework show today~♪♪

Emmy ordered some presents for us visitors, and it was a cappy and a firework bag for everyone ^^

I also bought this shirt from Emmy’s and Zoe’s outside shop. So another time to light some sparklers 🙂

Later on we decided to go to Mitsukyo.

Here we grilled a poor red snapper! 😆

But Emmy surpassed our craziness by grilling this huge shark!! 😯 😯
HAHAHA!! 😆 Now we can eat grilled shark steaks for weeks xP

Then we went to have some experiments. Question: What will bugs do, if I burn them with a roman candle…? :mrgreen:

Well this goliath beetle acted like the king of coolness, he wasn’t even scared about it! Wow!! 8)

Emmy tried it too but the Goliath beetle only laughed about it! xD 😆

♪♪ I enjoyed the firework show, thanks a lot dear Emmy~♪♪

PS: Emmy also wrote about this day on her blog, please check out this:
Some party ^^



  1. I managed to get a pic on my blog yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its me with my hair done

    • Ohh that’s great, I’ll check it out 😀

  2. Hi!,
    That looked like so much fun!
    If only my wifi was working…. 😦
    But im glad it was a fun party and look foward to meeting with you guys when i get my wifi on friday! Yay!!!

    • Yes, hope to see you on Friday 😀

  3. Haha! Emmy has been waiting just to be put up on here!

    Sunday may be delayed, due to the recent improvement of my uncle coming back to england!
    So, It may be delayed but definitely WONT BE CANCELED!
    I will tell you before! Promise!

    Oh sorry for calling my self Soorcha. It was by accident!

    And is it me, or has the writing on your blog got smaller Mayu?

    One last thing, John has been ignoring me many times on the blog, and deleting all my messages.

    Sorry for writing so much but I thought I’d get it done in one message.


    • What do you mean with if “the writing on your blog got smaller”? You mean my posts? In my opinion I think it hasn’t decreased that much lol.

      And John can’t delete your comments here on my blog, or did you mean the chatroom?

      • 1. Yes on the blogs, it just confused me, but I found out why. XP
        2. On the chatroom. And its Cody not John sorry, it’s just the name he goes by.

  4. i was not ignoring her i was busy with things

  5. u hav lost a pic already

    • Where? Is it still lost?

      • oh its there now it was not there yesterday the last pi creepy lol

        • ahh ok then it’s alright lol

  6. hi mayu! in my area right now, there is a big festivale! i wont name it but here in qld its pretty famous! every year, we have 2 days off during the week to go see it but no one really does because its very crowded and some lots fo other people go on the first day or the 2 fridays saturdays and the one sunday. so, because i have 2 days off, i can wifi with you on those days, and today! so how about today wednesday and thursday we wifi at the usual time in my town?

    thanks mayu!

    • Hi Tilly ^^ well, we already met up today haha.
      Tomorrow I’m off in the morning but I’ll see if I have time on Thursday and look for your gates again 😉

  7. ok well you havent replied yet but i will open my gates

  8. Im open right now
    I lost my tan when I had a sleep over and wifi crashed and somehow lost my tan so I am hiding my face and may show it l8r

    • Ohh what a pity… 😦
      So sometimes Wifi crashes will let lose our tans? 😮
      I don’t want thaaaaat lol

  9. i am afk

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