Posted by: Mayu | August 7, 2009

Meeting up Jake, hg and Amber :)

As I said in the last post, Jake invited me to come to his town BLACKZ ^^

Ahh it’s already 5.48PM here, the time difference is still fascinating to me lol.
Oh and on this pic it wasn’t Jake but his friend hg. ^^

A close-up pic of hg. What an interesting name, I wonder if he meant Mercury/quicksilver with these initials 😉

Ohh, Jake’s sister Amber came to BLACKZ, too. I always wanted to meet her up for weeks now.

Lol, luckily Jake found this Mohawk wig in his town 😛 So he can hide his girls hairstyle very well for today 😆

Inside Jake house I found this skeleton. Doesn’t it glow very spooky in the dark room? 😯

Exploring the house together with Amber. When the rooms are that dark it’s more difficult to take sharp pics, they are almost all kinda blurry… 😦

Ahh now the light is on! ^^

After a short while I had to go. It was a pleasure to meet you up, Jake, hg and Amber, hope to see you soon again 😉



  1. Thats so cool! I wish i could have a crown.Tonight is the fireworks show as you know, and i saw Chevre looking into the river at a fish so i caught it and it was an Arowana! (My second one in 2 weeks :)) and right after i caught it, 5 gold fireworks went off in the sky!!

    • Oops im not logged in, but its Tora Yakamashi

    • Ohh lucky you, it always surprise me when I catch that huge arowana lol.

  2. My mom say’s she dosen’t trust you cause on ACWWW you can say whatever you wanted to say. Now my mom say’s that I have to remove you and Miki, and i don’t wanna do that! Oh, I’m just so mad right now!!!!


    • Ohh what a pity… 😦
      But don’t be mad at your mother, she definitely loves and cares about you. I also ask my son if he’s playing with ‘good’ friends on ACWW and I’m always telling him when the other friend seems to be weird to delete him instantely or even power off the DS 😉
      Maybe you could suggest that to your mother, too?

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