Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2009

New friend Zachary and lots of my old friends :D

Argh, it’s really difficult for me sometimes to think about a proper title of each post xP . I don’t always want to write “fun with…” or “Visiting…” but it’s so hard to think about a new title lol.
Well, I bet, you don’t mind at all, perhaps you’re also only looking on my pics tehehe.

I opened again with Miki at 8PM my gates and soon Mitsukyo was full again.

Hermione looked like a thief when she came through the gates with this Hero’s mask, lol.

And cute tanned Emmy and pink lady Nicole dropped by, hello 😀

Emmy was doing the August event and touched all carpets. I hope it’s completed in your catalogue now? 😉

Later on I promised to visit Zachary in his town Cupcake. He’s a friend of Nicole and wanted to meet me up ^^

So let’s head to Cupcake! 😀

Ohh, what a nice entrance, all in blue, even the flag, that’s pretty.

Nice to meet you Zachary! 😀

But we had a lot of Wifi crashes, I couldn’t see much of cupcake because everytime I wanted to explore, Wifi crashed, meeeh. Hermione was also in cupcake but I didn’t have a pic of her.

When he opened the gates for the 3rd time Nicole was also there before. But not 5 minutes later he appeared again:

Resetti!! 😦

I waited for him to open again, but it took a while so I thought he had given up to play with us… but I saw always Leia’s gates open and three people were there so maybe Nicole or Zack went to Lovee…?

No, there were Zoe(left) and Leia(right), hiii you two 😀

And Dawn at the right wore her pyjama shirt, because… they all planned to stay over night in Lovee xD, what a cool idea! 😆
They asked me to stay, too, but I felt bad for Nicole and Zachary, as I promised to meet them up…

Well, let’s stay for 5 to 10 minutes here and then I decided to look for Zacharys town again. Here a pic of all together ^^

C’mon Dawn, push the weights another 10 times up!! 😈

Anchovy is such a game-freak xD. He had 5(!) pinball machines in his house 😛

Dawn wanted to make me a pic of her and her crawfish xD, cuuute.

Ahhh here I met Nicole, Hermione and Zachary again 😀

Inside the house…

… I found a golden room! Whoa!! 😮 That looks really valuable lol

Tehehe, my favourite sports in ACWW: head bumping 😆

Yaaay, coconut butts this time! :mrgreen:

We really had a lot of fun 🙂

It has been a while when I saw Redd the last time… but he only had non-interesting items in his tent 😛

Sorry Zachary, that you might have been waiting for me after the last crash 😉



  1. Wow! I love the golden room!

    While I was on ACC this morning I saw their poll about the Japanese animal crossing soundtrack, so I looked it up and I found: xD I don’t know what it says lol, but I thought you might want to look at it^^

    Btw did you read my comment on ? It’s just I want to make sure you read it because it comes in really handy when I’m stopping people leave 😉

    • Ohh thanks for the link Thea ^^ It listed all the tracks that comes with the new soundtrack of ACCF 🙂

      Oh and sorry, I think I missed your comment there, I’ll look for it now, so soorrrryy again…! 😳

  2. I cma eup with the idea for sleeping over but could not do! me and beth did it before 😦

  3. I did not get 1 carpet and 3 wallpapers

  4. can u tell me if u can come to the party yet it is 30 mins after u have opened with Mayu

  5. umm who is tanka!?

  6. Where have you read this name Sofia?

  7. in my blog!!!! i deleted his comment ughh ! asking who is zachary etc! (hes rude,lame)

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