Posted by: Mayu | August 5, 2009

Having fun with Zoe, Nico and Cody

Ahh what a nice evening again and this time without any Wifi crashes, yay!

I opened my gates at usual time and my visitors were:

Cowgirl Zoe! Hooray! 😀

Punk Nico lol! It’s also nice to see you again!

And last but not least, Cody in his nice fiendish shirt ^^!

Zoe brought some fireworks and here we lit the beautiful roman candles. I like them most of the fireworks.

But also the sparklers are really cute ^^

Where are we now? An A in the flag? That must be Altwood, the town of Zoe. 😆

Haha, we saw an Oak silk moth on that tree and Nico was sneaking right next to it to show his own caught silk moth xP

Well, gottcha!! Tehehe, now I have one too 😉 You want to look a pic of a real one? Here it is: CLICK (source: Wikipedia )

Zoe rearranged her house, the main room is really awesome and comfy ^^

Hey, Miki, don’t sleep, do your exercises!! 😈

Yay, such a lot of gyroids gathered in this room xD

When I was visiting her neighbours I found Jeremiah with Zoe’s selfdesigned pattern as shirt. He looks so good with it! 😀

I enjoyed the evening, thanks a lot, Zoe, Nico and Cody 😀



  1. You all look so cute together!
    (Cody’s hair looks awesome, I wish i were a boy!)

  2. hey mayu are we wifing again today the usual time? your town?

  3. eh … hi I’m Minty and I was just wondering, Mayu, how come you’re on every other blog’s(about animal crossing) blogroll? You must be really famous! How did your blog start out at first like when you just started? Love Minty xxx

    • Hi Minty, thanks for visiting my blog ^^
      Yes, I think many animal crossing blogs linked to me because they asked me to do the same with their blog before, haha.
      At the beginning there were just a few ACWW blogs on wordpress but I’m quite happy that it completely changed now 🙂
      And I also had only just a few visitors on my blog, but it increased a lot during the months as I was blogging almost every day lol 😉 .

  4. You should be able to put your clothes desighns as hair colour.
    So you could have custom hair XP
    Rainbow colooured hair! COOL!

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