Posted by: Mayu | August 5, 2009

ACCF pics by Tilly

I was asked by Tilly if she could show some of her ACCF pics on my blog. I thought it was a good idea so I let her give me a report about her ACCF day 🙂 .
Have fun! 😀

This is the ACCF pocket layout-it’s very different to WW.

The top floor of my house.

A new flower to CF-the carnation! You get them on Mothers and Fathers Day.


Nookingtons is absolutely posh!!! 😆

One of my favourite neighbours, Sterling!

Yay, hide-n-seek!

What is with this pun?

Dammit. -.-

Uh, can you translate that to English?


Festivale-get candy from your neighbours to give to Pave in exchange for Pave furniture.

Neighbour trappin’ fun!
Note- 1st pic- Rodeo and Drift both have “Kick me” shirts I designed, and Filbert is GAY!
2nd pic- “Yay, Doom trapped us and we will never escape!

Yay, my FC!

A new neighbour-Marina!

This is my new upstairs- egg furniture! Oh and
Doom- “Cockroach go die die!”

And finally-

Say WHAT, Labelle?




  1. Awsome pics, Tilly!! ACCF really looks like fun and all those beautiful colours! ~♥

  2. YAY! I love the character trapping pictures!

    Filbert is gay, yet for some reason, he’s still my second favorite neighbor of all time. He’s not bad as long as he’s not wearing the vogue top. (That is the vogue top, correct?)

    • actually its self desinged 😉

  3. I cant wait to get animal crossing City folk…
    Unfortunately, I cant get it until christmas, because I have to buy a new phone after my last one was stolen! 😥

  4. AWCF looks really cool. I just don’t know if I can confine myself to sitting in the living room in front of my TV. I think one day, I will go to my friend’s house to try out City Folk.

  5. I have that game but cant seem to figger it out and my remote goes crazy

    • if its the nunchuck and your person moves in a certain direction with out you moving it, re-plug it in

  6. Pascal said “If you lie in a nonfiction book, it turns into fiction” So a non-fiction book is a book that have facts like your history textbook. No imagination. But if you lie in the history textbook, then it turns into a novel BASED ON A TRUE STORY.
    You get it now, right?

    And when Labelle (she got a cute outfit there) said “Je ne sais quoi”, it’s french for “I don’t know what.”
    Labelle means “the beautiful” if you seperate it into two words: La belle.
    BTW I’m not showing off, I’m just saying to those who don’t know what those stuff means. I go to a school where you have to take a french class every day.

    • I go to a school where you have to take a french class every day.

      x3 Me too.

    • lol so thats what je ne sais quoi means lol XD
      lazy frebch speaking labelle! lol

  7. I wish i could get this game, but unfortunately, Wii’s arent compatible with our tv ;_;

    • Aww I think we would have the same problem, because our TV is also almost 20 years old… :/

  8. Hey, Tilly, what’s your AC:CF friend code? I’d love to wifi with you sometime. 😉

    • it says in one of my pics
      fc (look at pic, lol)
      id just liek to tell you that that was teh only time my wifi has really worked so far. so yes, just warning you lol

  9. i love accf

  10. I really laughed about the “kick me”-shirt, that’s hilarious 😆

    • haha thanks mayu =D

  11. o with the neighbours bieng trapped instead of the 2nd pic i meant the 3rd because they are all singing! XD

  12. omg

    gracie grace charges soo much for shirts,hates,furniture ECT

  13. I know ,right? Like 7000 bells PER t-shirt and, like a bajillion bells for a peice of furniture!!! It’s as bad as Crazy Redd’s! Actually worse! Lol!

  14. I somehow got katie in my town too!



  15. What is your town tilly????



    • umm single river (no split) cliff comes right out my house final expansion 111,000hra umm my sister has 2 ppl extra bridge built fountain umm yeah…

      • oh what IS your town not what does your town look like, oops, lol is called soapsuds

  16. the bus has been delayd because of a massive snowball lol

    • a snowball?? oO Where are you living in USA?? Anchorage? 😆

      • its in one of the pictures lol

  17. lol i find that very funny too

    • we tryed that in our wii town (i share with my sisters) we even put it right under the flag, the bus STILL couldnt cum!!!! lol

  18. Whoa, Pave’ is really…. Obsessed. xD
    Not as much as me though! 😛

  19. Whoa!
    What is ACCF ?

  20. oh.. Animal Crossing City Folk ! haha
    i have that to, but im not very far.

  21. AMAZING!!!!!!

  22. I had that ‘snowball problem’ too! lol

    Very cool

  23. how do you get a fc?

    • Ask Copper (dog at right side) at the gates to connect to Wifi. Then he’ll give you your own FC when it’s your first time you want to connect to Nintendo Wifi. But you need a wireless router or an Nintendo USB connector to connect to Wifi, otherwise it’s not possible.

  24. Hehee, gay filbert :3

      He likes girl clothes, dat's all =D

  25. ive had animal crossing awile now and no offence ACWW lovers but its 9999999999999(times afinity) times better but yes i do still play ww except its just not the same as CF. But EVERYONE (i swear) who has CF wishes that the grass didnt dissapear when you run on it (grrr). But the pictures clearer and 3D! New clothes furniture and you can get balloons and pinwheels and bubble blowers and other new cool things. GOSH i LOVE ACCF!

    • Hi lilli! xD
      It’s totally ok that you like ACCF more than ACWW ;). And I agree the colours and pictures are really way better than on ACWW 🙂

  26. 3DS is going to be AWESHUM!
    I personally, like WW better.

  27. Im kayunatie (prononced- Kay-you-nat-ie) and i love acww, and would love to
    read the guide.

  28. I miss Nibbles! She was in my ACWW Town! But she moved out… Just when I turn my back for ONE DAY!!


    Pango’s here now. I WANTED PEANUT!!!! 😦

  29. the bus is delayed because of a snowball?

  30. does anyone know how much animal crossing cityfolk is? 🙂

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