Posted by: Mayu | August 4, 2009

Turnip butts and lighting up Redd’s tent xP

Woohoo, this afternoon was great fun! 😀

Leia from Lovee was my first visitor! Yay, it has been a while 😉

And Georgina dropped by, hii! 😀 Tehehe, 2-pigtails and crowns are REALLY popular xD

I was showing them my hybrid spare area and they took two each.

A cute umbrella fashion show started lol.

Later on Dawn came to Mitsukyo, yay full town again. And I’m really Nook-like tanned now oO

😆 Dawn and me were showing our turnip butts, hahaha! :mrgreen:

And we all gathered together at the beach. ^^

All to the left! xD

Leia also has got a turnip butt, lol! 😆

Then we had fun with lighting roman candles, so pretty!

Dawn checked Redd’s tent but nothing interesting was inside…

… so let’s give him fire!! xP

Thanks for your visit, Leia, Georgina and Dawn, hope to see you soon again 😉



  1. Lol that was great fun!

    The story of me and Red and how he died!

    me: Red what do you have?

    Red: a real painting!

    Me*gets magnifine glass out* NO ITS NOT GRRRR

    Red: Please buy it

    Me: Never you you…….you… uh…… you! HOBO!

    Red: me hobo you stupid girl

    Me: *walks out of tent* hehe

    Red: i have a bat and im not afraid to use it!

    Me: yeah right!

    Red*getting bat*

    Me: hehe*gets Roman Candle!

    Red : hehe


    Red: noooooo*burns to death*

    The end……and that why you should
    never trust Red!


    • LOL Da funny! I love the IMA LIGHTING MA LAZER!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAAAAA part! 😀

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome Georgina xD
      fits perfectly to the pics lol

  2. At Goarginia: Red got RedER

  3. lol im Georgina not Goarginia

  4. I love the photos(:

  5. Hiya just to let you all know im gonna make a new website but it will be a wordpress one because webs wont let me put pics on a normal page it only saves if you put them in the photo gallery! :@

  6. Goargina, open your town. I wanna meet you. My fc is 4340-0982-8410. Name-matt. Town: Zenonia

  7. Please come to my town! It’s Rockstar. My Friend code: 2536-2203-4029! Please come!


    • That was way too late for me to come Emily, I’m sorry.
      But l’ll add you with Miki 😉

  8. What’s Miki’s friend code? And What’s you friend code!?! Thanks!


    • Look at ‘my ACWW stats’ and please also read my town rules 😉

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