Posted by: Mayu | August 3, 2009

Friends, fireworks, missing flowers, Vesta and PTS work

… the title explains all what happened this evening lol. A lot of Wifi crashes let a lot of visitors come to my town, so it was all the time very busy in Mitsukyo 🙂

My first group of friends were: Julia(down), Hermione(up) and Nicole (right), yay!

Awww have you ever seen such cool princesses 8)? It was coincidence that they wore the same outfit haha.

But it was also easy for Hermione and me to wear same shirts xD.

Aww fireworks! Ah! That reminds me, let’s lit my saved fireworks at the townhall! 😀

Well, I was the only one having fun here… because… Wifi crashed and let all freeze at that time, nooo! 😈 And I was wondering why noone else used their candles or sparklers, hahaha 😆

Next time Cody came instead of Julia and I finally could give him the Mario shirt set 😉

Ahhh, now all have fun here! 🙂 I love the happy expressions in our faces x3

Uh-oh! Sorry Nicole, I think your shirt(butt) must have been on big fire that time 😆 . Hermione and I were holding our fireworks just in front of your back xP

Yaay, that was great fun!

Hermione had to go soon and Yudai popped in, hello! 😀 Well it was his brother Ryuta in real, but he played with Yudai’s chara 😉

And another alias chara came to Mitsukyo. It has been Zoe but in real it was her friend Natasha playing her lol. And Julia came back! 😀

And you want to hear about a big sensation in my town? Yes….?

Well I proudly can present you:

I have to explain for my new blog readers (lol), Vesta is a neighbour I always wanted in my town, as she is sooo cute~♥ . I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years now, and FINALLY she came to Mitsukyo. I still don’t know from which town she is from, but I hope to know it soon. And I came up with the idea now, that I’ll give 1mio bells as reward to the one, from whose town she’s from (argh what a bad English, I hope you understood it somehow lol). 😉

Well Wifi crashed another time and I saw Cody’s gates finally open, he asked Nicole, Yudai and me to come over to help him getting PTS.
But before I went there I noticed something bad in my town…
Someone stole/ruined a lot of hybrids!! 😦 😦 😦
Meeeh, it’s really annoying that people don’t ask when they want some flowers, all in all I’m missing:
1 orange rose, 1 black rose, 1 violet rose, 2 jacobs ladders, 2 pink tulips and 1 blue rose…. 😕 👿
I mean, I have a spare hybrid area, can’t the person just take flowers from there? Also I always thought that I’m not that evil person that won’t give you ANY hybrids, when you’re asking me friendly… I’m kinda disappointed that people still have to steal them… 😦

Well, I hope by mentionting it (that wasn’t the only missing flowers in the last weeks, but I’m missing that MANY hybrids tonight) the person will stop doing it. You must be aware, that I know ALL hybrid places in my town and of course I notice all missing ones.

Ok enough of ranting, back to Cody lol

We all entered Heath ^^, Yudai was still here but he was asked by cody, if he could leave the town to let Dawn in. And as Yudai or Ryuta are very kind and polite boys, he agreed and went home. Byee Yudai, hope to see you soon again!

So here’s Dawn ^^. Aww, it’s the only pic of her, what a pity… 😦

Nicole and me worked very hard, the right side of Heath was still very empty and we planted a lot of new trees and flowers.

I had to go after a while but Nicole worked several hours for Cody and finally they got PTS!! Hey, that’s awesome, congratulations!! 😀
Next time I visit Heath I’ll show you the perfect town 😉



  1. Natasha is one wierd child. Like myself. *nods*

    Zoe xx

    • You’re both very lovely weird childs xD 😉

  2. OMG! Congratulations 😀 😀 😀 I’m really, really, really happy for you Mayu!

    Here, I found this on the site, as I know sometimes you find it hard to keep neighbours in your town when they leave, I don’t want you to loose Vesta before she gives you her pic 😉

    Cranky Personality (Males)

    1. [(Nick)Name], you’re the only one who tried to stop me, [catchphrase].
    Thanks for sticking with me. It’s nice to be wanted. Maybe I’ll

    2. What? Really? Well, maybe I’ll reconsider… But I’ll expect some strong
    displays of affection!

    3. Quit tryin’ to change my mind, [catchphrase]. I’ve made my decision and I’m
    stickin’ with it.

    Jock Personality (Males)

    1. Oh no! I’m such an IDIOT! I lost my passport! I won’t be able to move if
    I don’t have my passport, [catchphrase]!

    2. What?! That’s really how you feel about it…for real? So maybe I
    shouldn’t go? Man, what to do…

    3. My brain’s all bamboozled… Maybe I should rethink the whole thing,

    Lazy Personality (Males)

    1. Well, this is a problem. I didn’t expect you to respond like that… I
    guess maybe I should stay in this town, huh?
    [Select “Don’t leave me!”]
    Is that so? Well, if that’s how you’re going to react I’ll sleep on it for
    a while.
    [Select “Maybe?”]
    Yeah… Somehow I get the feeling that if I move, something bad will

    2. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that response… Maybe I’ll think it over once

    3. Why would you say that? Are you trying to tell me something? Huh huh huh!
    Maybe I’ll stick around a little bit longer, [catchphrase]!

    Snooty Personality (Females)

    1. If we got more visitors, I’d meet new people, [catchphrase]… If you do
    what I say, [(Nick)Name], then maybe, just maybe, I’ll stay.

    2. Stop! Don’t say stuff like that, OK? I won’t be able to get away from this
    place if you keep saying that, [catchphrase]!

    3. Oh wow… Do you really like me that much?
    [Select “Yes! Yes I do!”]
    I know you’re just being honest, but…it’s actually kind of embarrassing
    [Select “Uh…”]
    Well, don’t get so excited that you pop a blood vessel or something,
    [Select “Yes. I mean, no.”]
    Hmph! You sneaky little… [(Nick)Name], you’re such a jerk! I bet you’ll
    miss toying with my emotions the most, huh! [catchphrase]!

    Peppy Personality (Females)

    1. Well, gee whiz… When you put it that way… Oh, what should I do? Should
    I change my mind, [catchphrase]?

    2. …Oh, really, that much? Oh. Well… What am I supposed to do about the
    cancel penalty, [catchphrase]?

    3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You think I oughta change my mind, [catchphrase]? Do
    you really think I’m that flighty, [catchphrase]?

    Normal Personality (Females)

    1. …Oh, fine, [catchphrase]. [(Nick)name], if you want me here so badly,
    I’ll think about it. But no promises! I’ll make up my mind tomorrow…

    2. Oh… You sound so sad! I don’t know what to do anymore, [catchphrase]!
    What should I do? Should I just forget about the whole thing,

    3. Please, don’t… You’re making this harder than it has to be! Stop making
    your sad face! Maybe I should stay after all…[catchphrase].

    In the event that any one of the above three things for each personality are
    said, the villager will stay put in town.

    Vesta should be normal – unless she’s hacked lol. The only problem I can see with this is that it’s in English and the speech might be different in German 😉 But it definitely works for me^^

    • Ohhh thanks for this info Thea !!
      I also talk to the neighbours until it’s clear for me, that they’ll stay.

      But when I hear phrases like:
      “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! You think I oughta change my mind, [catchphrase]? Do
      you really think I’m that flighty, [catchphrase]?”
      I’d never thought of that they’ll stay after they said this 😯 😆

      Thanks a lot Thea ^^

      • My pleasure 🙂

  3. Hey Mayu! I just read about your missing flower problem. I agree that some people could be stealing them, but I also have another possibility, I think maybe new friends haven’t read about the fact that no-one is to run in your town! If you ask me, I think you should do, a brief, small paragraph about the rules when visiting your town on the side bar, or make it clear when someone add’s you that they HAVE to read the rules! I hope this helps and you solve your missing flower mystery!!

    Zoe xx

  4. Come on Mayu do you really think it was me? come on i have Action Replay i hack flowers not steal them from my friends i cheat them at action replay and i dont steal ! i swear!! 😉

    • No Nicole, I tried to explain it at Cody’s town, I never would think of that you had stolen them, as you use your Action Replay 😉

  5. Oh! Mayu!!!
    Vesta was in LasVegas!
    (My town!) Im not kidding!
    No joke
    Please believe me!

    • Well my Vesta hasn’t answered to me yet where she’s from, but have you played with my friends over Wifi in the last days? Otherwise there’s no chance that I can get your Vesta…

  6. Hiya Mayu or Miki or Yuki or Haru um how do you take the pics of your friends is it just your mobile or a camera? i really want to know for my website 😀

    • Hi Georgina ^^
      I’ve explained it once, look HERE

  7. its happened to me to when Leia was in my town my flowers ( golden roses) kept dissaperingg not blaming leia but then i saw her run into them and she said ‘well ill run if theres no path to follow’ but she was saying that as a joke i hope but anyway my golden roses dissapered

  8. Thanks mayu my moms explained it to my just now 😀 thanks again :D:D:D:D

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