Posted by: Mayu | August 3, 2009

Fanfiction preview: Endless black by lightshine32


Endless black.

That’s what Lolli thought of every time she looked at the well. Endless black, as far as the eye could see. She’d stick her head into it a lot and smell the mouldiness inside. The well had been around for as far as she could remember, probably there since the beginning of time. But Lolli couldn’t see why other people weren’t interested in it as much as she was.

The well had always fascinated her. Ever since she was little, she would peer inside. Once she was mean to Peewee, a gorilla who used to live in Sunville, and Peewee grabbed her and shoved her down the well. Lolli thought she was going to die as she stared at the darkness. But she peered up, and Peewee was holding her by the foot. Of course, he didn’t let go, because that would have been a long way down. Peewee didn’t want to drop her down the well, or else he would have killed her, and her parents would have thrown a fit and filed a lawsuit. But nobody was kidding when they said it was a long way down.

Every now and then, Lolli would throw a pebble or an orange or a twig down the well. She’d listen for hours, but would never hear the quiet splash of the object making contact with the water. She always dreamt of Peewee coming back and pushing her in the well, but this time, letting go and never grabbing back. A mean sneer would form on his face, and he’d peer in while she went down, down, down.

But, it turns out, it wasn’t Peewee.



  1. Oooo…
    Tell me what happens!!

  2. x3 It’s actually called The Well. I still need to work out a few details in it before I can post more so…. CLLLIFFFHANNNGERRR!! >=3

    • Hehehehehe!
      Hurry Up! x

    • Oops, next time I’ll write the proper title on the post lol

  3. Wow that is amazing writing,
    Good job!
    I cannot wait to read the rest 😀

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