Posted by: Mayu | August 1, 2009

Nicole’s chatbox rules

1. Don’t be mean or rude EVER in Nicole’s chatroom please.
2. Don’t swear EVER in Nicole’s chatroom please.
3. i have alot of moderators so please obey the rules.
4. if you swear, be rude or mean you’ll be kicked out of Nicole’s chatroom.
5. if you continue to swear, be rude or mean you’ll be banned for 1 hour or could be more.’ll get banned FOREVER if you never stop being rude.
7. Have fun chatting and you can stay there as much as you want or can.

REMEMBER moderators: DON’T ban or kick out for no reason.

this chat isn’t for Animal Crossing only, its for any game on wifi you like to play. actually it was made for animal crossing players but you CAN talk of other good and addicted games besides animal crossing.
anyone can be a member of Nicole’s chatroom if you are a Nice and good person. if you are a close friend of mine you can ask me if you want to be a moderator and i’ll give you the answer. (only for people i trust in) i only make good people moderators and willing to protect Nicole’s chatroom.

thank you for your kind attention and enjoy!




  1. […] click here to read my chat rules! […]

  2. mayu sorry but this is the last question: how do i put under my chatroom in my blog click here<<! to read my chatrules? how do i do that?

    • you have to copy this code
      click <a href=”” >here<< </a>! to read my chatrules
      and paste it
      between the one </a> and </div> at the end of the other code

      • thanks! IT HELPED! check out my accf blog! im working on my acww blog!!!!!!!!!!! ty so much!

        • You’re welcome ^^

  3. Hello, is someone here?

  4. im here

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