Posted by: Mayu | July 31, 2009

Louise, Hermione, Alfie and me in Volterra

Ahh, I’m in Volterra again, how nice ^^:

Louise at the right and Hermione was also there before, hello you two!

I brought Louise a path pattern, I hope she likes it 😉

An my old friend Alfie was there!! He has got a new ACWW game and called his town Toast, isn’t that cool? 8)

We chit-chatted a while and then we began to help spreading flowers over her town to get Louise perfect town status back.

But it wasn’t easy, Phyllis is still not satisfied… 😦

Haha, I loved this ‘Cotton Candy’-sign, it looked so realistic 😀

Then we were all invited to come to Alfie’s town Toast, so let’s head over ^^



  1. do you want the cotton candy sign pattern? here’s the site I found it on for you.. it’s amazing! look all over it. and look on the lgttc/cf page too, even if you don’t have it!

    • ahh thanks a lot krista ^^
      Katrina’s Cranny is really awesome, I know this site also very well and I really envy her talent to draw such realistic patterns xD

  2. I know! She’s really quite amazing, and my town is prettier now because of her patterns. I’m thinking of making a blog. what do you say? I have to save for it, though XD

    • Why do you have to save for it? For example my blog is totally free and you have got 3GB of space for pictures/media available!!
      Wordpress would be a good choice to start a blog 😉

  3. I was wondering Mayu, how did you come across WordPress?

    • Oh just by looking and comparing in internet 😉 All in all I had luck that I landed here lol.

      • Lol, cool 😆

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