Posted by: Mayu | July 31, 2009

Alfie’s new town Toast

Yay, we arrived in the brandnew town Toast of Alfie 😀 . It was his first day in Toast ^^ . Louise also dropped by but unluckily Hermione didn’t come anymore.

Tehehe, Alfie is really glad about his new town. He already brought a lot of flowers of his old town Leaftown to Toast (behind us).

Hey look at this awesome river! It’s huge!! 😮

😆 Hooray, my beloved Cranny-Nook is there!! xD 😆

Hahaha, look what Ables sister is selling at the first day: a crown!! 😈
Isn’t that mean? Even the most expensive eye-mask is displayed there 😛

Cool, Alfie has got Buck in his town. I like him, he looks so powerful with his fat eyebrows 😆

His cute little house. As I can see your background colour of your DS is blue, isn’t it? 😛 (the colour of the first roof depends on what favourite colour your DS is set)

I called Louise to take a close-up pic of us two 😉

Hee hee, Alfie’s first interior 😀

Thanks for the fun dear Alfie and Louise, I really enjoyed it a lot! ^^


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