Posted by: Mayu | July 31, 2009

Abracadabra ~ Flying virgin Tilly

Friday morning, my time to play with Tilly again ^^.

So here I am in Zikkopop! 😀 Wow, your town looks even more lovely than last time ^^

Good to see you again, Tilly 🙂 .The two pigtails are really popular under us girls, don’t you think so too? xD Well, perfect for summer season 😉

Zikkopop is full of lovely spots, look at this.

Or that! ~♥

Then we all went upstairs in her house to have a look at her missing classic furnitures. We both rolled over the bed for headbumping and after we both get out again I saw this:

😯 😯 Flying Tilly!! 😯 😯

Looks like the flying virgin in a magician show xD. Abracadabra~ 😈

It was really funny, because Tilly didn’t see this scene at all, and she could walk normally over the floor, but I saw her floating around the room instead 😆

Later on we strolled over Zikkopop and visited her neighbours:

Rodeo is soo cool, I like him very much.

Hahaha, Tilly doesn’t like Pierce at all xDD.

When I opened my town later it was soon full again with my visitors:
Jake, me, Tilly and Dawn, hooray!! 😀

Before I had to go Tilly changed her style completely!! 😮 Hey Jake, are you laughing about her? xD She looks so nice ^^

Thanks for the fun @ all! 😉



  1. Haha! 😆 That reminds me of when you caught a fish, but we could still see the ‘pulling up the fish’ animation as you walked around!

    • Lol yes I remember too, unfortunately it was all normal to me, so I think Tilly felt the same today xD . I had the fun and she was wondering why 😆

  2. I hav a great idea for your blog and I would like it to do a tan guide of each day how much more tanned u get I would do it on my blog but I have no pictures on my blog

    • That’s a nice idea Emmy, but I already have got such a lot to do with my normal posts, I barely have no time to do that too xD

  3. MAYU!
    It’s me, Jimmy!
    Do you remember me?
    My computer crashed a while ago, and today I Just remembered your blog, and the one time we hung out! lol
    But I’ve missed all my friends here!
    How’ve you been!?!?

    • Hii Jimmy, of course I remember you 😀 !!
      I’m fine and you? Are you still playing ACWW? ^^
      I’m still doing that as you can see, still the same crazy as usual 🙄 😛

  4. hahaha
    Im good as well, and of course I still play ACWW!
    Oh Mayu, always getting into shenanigans!

  5. I have a did you know

    ONe is how to tell if a panting is fake look in the catalog after buying it if its not there you brought a fake.

    • heres a better way:
      if the painting at redds faces left its forged.

      redd has had forged painting fir the last 3 months. i so badly want to shoot him!

      • hi can i add u tilly

  6. 😮 what nice hair tilly has now ^^

  7. wow* her other was nice but this ones really nice 🙂

  8. WOW WOW WOW that is crazy. I hadn’t been on your site for ages, and, yet, right now, my character has the EXACT same outfit as you, right now, Miki!

  9. Haha! Good times, good times ~ 8)

    This was probably my favourite wifi! (apart from our first!!)

    Though I can’t wifi anymore, I just wanted to thank you Mayu for being the most fun 39 year old I’ve ever met!! xD

    • Awww you’re really the nicest Australian I know XDD

  10. WOOOOOOOOW! Lucky person has pierce!!!!! 😯

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