Posted by: Mayu | July 29, 2009

Fun with help of Wifi lagging!

Haha, it was a funny evening again. ^^

It all started with Cupcake and Louise, who came for a visit, hii you two 😀

And Nico from his new town Dorfi dropped by ^^ .

Cupcake? Hmmm, seems to be offline…

Let’s push her around! xD 😆

Whoa, Louise! Have you drunk too much coffee today? :O

Ahh much better 😉 Your Kiwi shirt suits you very well ^^

And Cupcake was soo cute sleeping at the wall x3. But Nico was very naughty. 😆

Tehehe, we all assembled around Cupcake and then suddenly it was very funny:

Louise and Nico were combined oO !

And that wasn’t the only glitch, somehow we all could go easily into each other, hehe xD

LOL, our darling Nico!!! 😆 :mrgreen: 😆

Loucup vs Mico!! 😛 What a weird pic!

This scene was also very strange, the faces of Nico and Louise changed alternatively, soo funny 😀

I had a lot of good laughters today, thanks a lot Nico, Cupcake and Louise 😉



  1. That was a lot of fun! ^w^ Thanks again, Mayu! ❤

  2. i believe that was yesterday!! 😦

    • yes Nicole… we were four people until around 9PM and then we were a long time only three.
      What a pity, it would have been also fun playing with you. Nintendo should allow more people to come to one’s town… 😦

  3. hey mayu dont forget wifi in 1 hour at the usual time! 😉

  4. omg tht wus soooooooooo funnny :lol:!!! c u 2nite at my twn!

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