Posted by: Mayu | July 29, 2009

Did you know… (part 30: Language supports)

…that our European ACWW game supports 5 different languages?

As they are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian 😀 .

You just have to edit your language settings in your DS:

After you’ve chosen one, the language in ACWW will also change into the desired one. Only Japanese isn’t supported, they have their own special ACWW game. When I changed my DS to Japanese I see ACWW in English.
And did you know, that you can’t meet a friend in a Japanese ACWW game? Because the language and writings are that different to the American/European version Nintendo decided to let Japanese people just play with Japanese people, how sad is that… 😦 The only chance to meet Japanese for me was when they also bought an American/European ACWW game…

Well back to our European version, I wanted to show you a special Nook scene in all languages, so I’ve listed the different ways how to ask for the turnip price in this list, even the babbling sound of him sounds different 😉 lol

Interesting, that the monetary unit is all different! And Nooks babbling is also very funny, but the English sounds a lot different to the others, even the voice pitch is higher, why is that?!? 😮 😆



  1. When I was smaller, I changed the language to French for fun, but when I spoke to a female villager, their voice scared me! 😯

    I know it sounds weird, but the voice just seemed… Creepy.

    • LOL that’s cute xD

  2. Omg, French, Spanish, Italian and German sound like, the same! o.o

  3. miki have u still got my fc?

    please reply
    liv xx

    • Yes Liv!! 😀 You’re still on my roster ^^

  4. yay!! i might play again soon do u open at normal time still and will you goon chat now?

    please reply again 😀

    • Oops sorry Liv, I was working in my garden at this time xP

  5. The german blabble reminds me of the game cube babbling oo lol

    • wahooo someone has actually got the gamecube xx

  6. I have the Australian version and it only has English! 😦 Even when I changed my DS to French.

    It’s sad because it would have been wonderful if paintings where called by the painters’ names like in the German version. The Australian version lacks a big chunk of culture because of this T__T

    • lol, thanks for your comment Teru, it’s really strange that only the European version has got other languages, too. But on the other side you have the new games a lot earlier than we have, mainly because of the many translations what are still have to be done 😛

      • Haha that’s true, In fact, I forgot about that and I was thinking “why does the Australian version delete the other languages?” 😛

        But sometimes I just wish they released the games a few months later and gave us more language options T_T (Just so I could play around with them and practise my 2nd languages :P)

  7. did you know…
    that if you put 2 single beds together (one on the side of the other) you can roll over like if it were a 2 pillow bed? i learned that at sammy’s town!!

    • Yes that’s awesome! xD
      You can even put 4 or more beds next to each other and roll over all of them lol.

      • yeah! awesome!

  8. wow! that spanish talking of nook is weird! its mexican spanish! i like mexican spanish but i get used to puerto rican spanish!

    • wow you can hear that it is mexican spanish??? 😮
      I just hear some bubbling noises, even in German I can’t understand anything LOL

  9. Did you know that if you put things on the ground where Redds’ or Katrina’s tent will appear, then your items will appear in the lost and found?

    • Yes I knew that, but perhaps many people not 😀
      Thanks for telling us

  10. Why they all sound different is because their words are accualy a speed up version of the language selected.

    • Thanks Manomow for your comment ^^
      I agree, also I think when you hear every single letter, you can hear a speedup version of how we alphabet the letters, like a- be- ce and these louds are just connected each other and make these different sounds lol.

  11. -_-i knoow spanish im amexican after all too bad my game cant be in spanish Zbodapiva>=(

  12. lol
    How I love accents.
    My dad is a language freak and so am I.
    I can’t handle my town all alone, and I think you’ve just handed me a way to get him to play it. It may not succeed, as he barely knows what “website” means, but hopefully I can bring him up to date with gaming technology through Spanish, French and German. (And Italian for me.)

    • haha that sounds like a great plan xD
      Hope he will like it 😉

  13. I feel that the english nook is in a hurry compared to others, but on the other hand, they all sounded like “alienese” to me

    • Haha you’re right xD, thanks for your comment leulu 😉


    • uh coo? LOL 😀

  15. Hey what if you have a DSi?

  16. … wow. I just wish my dsi had more points in it

    • Umm points? For what? I’m confused, sorry

  17. Dsi ware points?

    • Oh! I didn’t know that there are also some ware points for the DSi. What can you do with them? Also buy games for it? Or some nice features? The language support I talk about here is about the European support in ACWW, the 5 languages there are included.

      • You go to the dsi shop (you need wifi for it) and there are 4 sections: Free, 100 pnts,200 points,500 points, and 800 points or more. the cooler the game, the more points it cost. you get the points in stores where they sell video games, you then have to redeem the code.if you don’t desire the stuff you bought, you can go to the system settings on the menu and press data managment. click on the application and press delete. you wont get any pnts back so be careful! I know this because I have a dsi and I have all of the electroplankton series, animalcrossingclock and calculator, flipnote studios and marioand donkykong minis art acadamy 2nd semester, dsi browser which i use 4 commenting on this blog, mynotebook blue, and mixed messages.

        • and extreme hangman

          Electroplankton: Trapy
          Electroplankton: Hanenbow
          Electroplankton: Luminarrow
          Electroplankton: Sun-Animalcule
          Electroplankton: Rec-Rec
          Electroplankton: Nanocarp
          Electroplankton: Lumiloop
          Electroplankton: Marine-Crystals
          Electroplankton: Beatnes
          Electroplankton: Varvoice

          Plz note: If you have any questions about Electroplankton or any other of my Dsi applications, plz comment on Comment chat

  18. oh man wenn ich spanisch könnte würd ich ins spanisch wechseln die stimme is so süß 😉

  19. as my grandad wh died was italian im gunna try itallian

    • Wow, that sounds difficult, but awesome that you try it 🙂

  20. Thats so sad I can’t play in Japanese (my language) Damn Nintendo 😦

  21. Oh god the French one sounds like hes gargling mouthwash.

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