Posted by: Mayu | July 28, 2009

Blacky&Whitey and new friend Julie

I met Meow again tonight ^^. Aww she’s so tanned, I look so pale next to her…
But I’ve seen her glasses at Ables, too, and as we have got the same hairstyle I decided to look like Meow lol.

Tehehe, aren’t we cute? We called us Blacky and Whitey 😀

With this new style we went to my neighbours. Meow got a new rose shirt from Bree, me nothing…

Yaay, your bed is so comfy Anabelle. Why do you look so puzzled?

Curly didn’t even want to look at us…

Hooray for the seabasses!! 😈 Tonight there were no finned fish at all in my town, sigh. Meow caught at least a gar and several catfish 😉
After that we talked a while and then she had to go.

But I kept my gates open because I was waiting for:

Julie from Luxuria, welcome!! 😀 Finally we are able to meet up ^^

She liked my town, thank you~ ^^

And admired my blue roses lol

We went to Nookingtons to see if there are any good items…

…and I invited her to some steaks and grilled corn xD

Unfortunately I had to go soon as it was already late here, but it was fun, thanks for your visit, Julie and Meow ^^



  1. Thank you for letting me visit Mayu!
    I enjoyed it. 🙂

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