Posted by: Mayu | July 26, 2009

New friend: Leesh from 90210

This evening I promised to open gates with Yuki instead of Miki, because the person I wanted to meet up is a very nice lady, who only has got time to meet me on weekends. So sorry to my young friends, I suppose you waited for me… I hope someone else was so kind to open the gates 😉

Whack! Well, guess who this naughty girl is?? 😈

Meow, who else! 🙄 Tehehehe! 😛 Really scary today, she’s the guy without face and wanted to have mine, eeeeeek! 😯

And then my new friend arrived: it’s Leesh from 90210! 😀

Nice to meet you! ^^ She’s from Canada, so really far away from me 😉

I hope Meow doesn’t scare you away, Leesh lol.

At the wallpaper area I described what to do in this event, but Leesh was too excited to do it now lol. I think it was her first time that she met unknown people over Wifi 😉 .

Hey, look! There’s an Oak silk moth behind us! Leesh is sneaking towards it…

… and got it!! Yay!! 😀

Showing her my turnip messed house, how embarassing! 😳 😆

Aww Leesh’s blue eyes are lovely~

And she found the sexy dress at Ables LOL. So we all put our sexy dresses on xD.

Let’s have a parteeeyyyyyyy!! 😆

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for your visits, Meow and Leesh, I really enjoyed it!!

P.S: Leesh also posted about this meeting on her blog! 😀 Please check this out:
A whole new world
That’s such a wonderful blog, I liked to read all her posts and went page back and back to read more lol. Unfortunately I’ve got problems to comment there. I tried it several times, even today, but it won’t let me do comments there 😦 .
The page just refresh twice and the comment box is white again. May be because I’m using Linux? Has anyone got the same problem?



  1. awwww…thanks for the post! I had a great time visiting Mitsukyo. Yes, I was very nervous about playing wifi and didn’t want to touch anything in your town. I still feel really guilty about picking up the water tile. I hope to get the hang of it and not be so shy. It was very nice to meet you and Meow yesterday and hopefully we will see each other again soon. Maybe I should start taking my lunch at 2 pm on Tuesdays so I can play with Yuki. LOL!

    • Thanks a lot Leesh, I wish I could leave a comment on your blog, too 😦
      Well, then I’m going to say it here, I also enjoyed your visit very much and it would be really nice to meet you again ^^.
      And yes, why not taking lunch at 2PM? xD That would be awesome tehehe

  2. I did check all my settings on my blog for posting, and it seems okay. I guess one day try again and post your comment really fast so your page won’t refresh. haha!

    I am going to go and try to tan while I am at work. Hopefully it’s sunny in 90210!

    • The weird thing is that it refreshs when I sent my comment to you. Looks like it’s going to guide me somewhere else, but couldn’t do that and just returns to your page without leaving this comment… hmmmmm….

  3. u promised u would open with mayu yesterday me nicole and dawn were looking for u

    • You mean Miki? ❓
      Sorry Emmy, did I really promise that? I can’t remember… 😦
      So sorry!!

  4. ur “sexy” dress, iz so hoe-ish!!!!

    • You think so? It’s ok for me, there are a lot of worse shirts I’ve seen 😛

  5. Hoe-ish?
    What does that mean??

  6. The next step of Animal Crossing Wild World is
    Fireworks Festival!

    • There is one! Every saturday 8-12 (correct me if Im wrong) during august 😛

  7. Hey I don’t know if you remeber me its flossy please give me your FC again:)

    • Wow Floss from Lollipop? It has been over a year!! How are you? 🙂 Your FC hasn’t changed yet? Mine is also the same: 2922-0581-5572, Miki, Mitsukyo 😀

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