Posted by: Mayu | July 26, 2009

Friends and fun in Emerald

I had some time in the afternoon so I opened my gates with Miki.

To my surprise I didn’t have to wait even for 5 minutes and my first guests arrived lol. It has been Dawn and Emmy. Are you guys looking all day for open gates? xD

It’s raining in Mitsukyo again *sigh*, but you both have pretty umbrellas ^^

After Cody also popped in we decided to go to Emerald.

Ahh here it’s nice weather, cool! 8) And Emmy showed me this place where I could choose an item for free, yay!

I liked this tulip shirt. Hey, the pear above me looks like I’m playing Wilhelm Tell xP 😆

Aww I like it when people draw their own face patterns, that’s cute 🙂

Queen Emmy!! 😀

Wifi crashed and next time Nicole was there, hii! 😀

Haha, I got this pic Nicole, where your eyes suddenly changed into this one after you put your umbrella back :mrgreen:

Ummm, is it right? The first line would be also very difficult to me in real life without glasses, tehehe.

With Emmy together in her awesome throne room ^^

From left to right: Emmy, Miki, Nicole and Dawn

Having a lot of fun together! 😆

Playing hide&seek, here I was the one who’s looking for people. And found Dawn xD

Me hiding behind the tree. Emmy and Nicole were very close to find me…

Argh, got me! LOL

I enjoyed it, hope to see you soon! 😀



  1. um I did not msomeone made it for me who make that pattern

    • It’s still cute 😉

  2. it was so fun!!!

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