Posted by: Mayu | July 26, 2009

Fanfiction: ACWW comic by Nicole

Nicole *Sigh* im so bored.
Opal hmmm….lets play a game!
Nicole ok…..which game?
Opal Hide and seek!!!!
Nicole: no thanks.
Opal whats the matter?
Nicole I miss Savannah…. L
Opal well, since she moved out from Lollipop, you’ve been sad….
Nicole you and savannah are my best friends!
Nan Hi girls!
Opal hi Nan….
Nicole hey!
Nicole have I ever told you that you and Chevre should be bffs I mean you look just a like only one is white and other is black!!!!
Nan Your Right!!!!
Opal ….
Savannah comes to Lollipop for a visit
Savannah Hi!!!!! Wow this town changed!!!! A lot!
Nicole Savannah!!!!!!! OMG *HUGS*
Opal wow Savannah thanx for visiting!!!!!!!!!
Nan Hi Sav
Savannah Sav???
Nan you do not like the nickname?
Savannah Uhhhhh…… yes I love it (fake laughs)
Nicole I missed you so much, Savannah!
Savannah Me too. Im looking forward to move back!
Nicole plz……OUCH!!!!!!
Nan Nicole??? * shakes nicole*
Savannah oh no!!!!
Nan NICOLE WAKE UP……………NICOLE?????????? UH OH…..
Savannah I’ll call the hospital…
Man over phone Hello, This is the Lollipop’s hospital service can I help you?
Savannah This is an emergency!!!!! HELP. Nicole’s house hurry!!!!
Man over phone Coming with an Doctor!!!! I’LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!
Nan …..
Savannah ……
Doctor whats THE MATTER HERE?
Nan And savannah Nicole fell down!!!!!!!
Doctor I’ll check her…..
Nan …..
Savannah ….
Doctor ….
Doctor OH GOD!
Savannah and Nan WHAT???????!!!!!!
Doctor she cant see the color Red ever again….
Savannah yes?
Nan what happen?
Doctor if you want to know. go to ables sisters and buy her a Eye mask. Hurry lets go!
Arrived at ables sisters.
Mable Welcome to ables sisters!
Doctor Hi do you sell an Eye mask?
Mable oh no sorry Chevre buyed it! Why?
Doctor never mind that now!!!!! Bye!!!!
They rushed to chevre’s house
Chevre Hi guys!!!!!
Nan Where is it?
Savannah yeah where?
Chevre where’s what?
Doctor the eye patch you just buyed!
Chevre in my dresser
Nan can we take it sis?
Chevre ok….why?
Savannah Never mind that now!
Chevre tell me I could help
Nan Nicole fell to the ground!!!!
Chevre Can I come?
Doctor Sure come hurry!
They rushed to nicole’s house
Doctor put the eye mask in nicole’s eyes to cover her.
Savannah ok done!!!! Now what?
Doctor hmmmm……if she sees the color Red she’ll fall to the floor.
Chevre Why?
Nan Maybe she hit her head on something
Doctor Yes, Nan with the wall.
Doctor Savannah, Go get some MEDICINE at nookingtons hurry!!!
Savannah OK!!!
Nan hey where is Opal?
Chevre I don’t know….. she is in the bathroom…..i think…..
Opal hmmm hi again….where is Nicole?
Nan she fell…..
Opal Oh no … is she ok?
Chevre Maybe…..
Savannah Im back!!!!!
Doctor lets give her the medicine
Chevre I’ll open her mouth
Savannah ok
Nan ….
Opal Hope,……..
Nicole wakes up and got scared and screams!!!
Nicole Huh?? Where am i?
Nan your house, Nicole
Nicole Hi everybody!!!
Nicole I can see red now!!!!
Opal Yay!!! I was so scared
Savannah yay!
Doctor take good care of Nicole!
Opal Thanks!
Nan Thanks!
Savannah Thanks!
Chevre Thanks!
….to be continued ….



  1. Lol, heeey, that’s really funny, I liked it! 😆

    Poor Nicole xD, I hope she really can see the colour red again 😛

  2. i made part 2

  3. it includes you and Dawn

  4. part 2 is in my blog. plz copy and paste it from there!!! THANK you so much !

    • Ohh ok, I’ll check it ^^

  5. I liked it but why shouldnt it have pictures? But it was funny Iliked the part when the doctor said OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. 99 out of 3 stars!

  8. ahhh the color red imma faint! lol
    its very cute

  9. That was great! It would be cool if there WAS a
    doctor on ACWW so when u got bit by a scoripon you would go to the hospital.

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