Posted by: Mayu | July 25, 2009

Entertain myself in ChaosEck

Late evening, I finally found some time to play ACWW. I’ve decided to spend my Saturdays more with Mayu, as many friends came back to play ACWW ^^
So I was quite happy to see Mandy’s town ChaosEck open:

Hi Mandy! … silence… she was offline! xD Well, what should I do while waiting for her to come back?

I prepared my watercan and looked for withered flowers. Whoa, you still have these awesome path patterns Mandy. They’re great! ^^

Loads of roses in this area and enough to water 😛

Another nice spot here ^^

20 minutes gone, Mandy still not there… ok! Let’s go digging out gyroids and fossils lol xD

Visiting her neighbours… Apollo is such a cool neighbour, I always liked him. He asked for a shirt, and I gave him my one 😆

30 minutes later Kerstin dropped by, yaay!

Cough cough… Mandy, you didn’t see it, ok? xP 😳 That’s why I said, that I had really fun in your town :mrgreen:
Luckily she was right soon after that online and we could chit-chat a little before I had to go 😉
Thanks for letting me visit! ^^



  1. oh is mayu german friends if not can I do it

    • Yes, Mayu is only for my German friends, sorry 😉

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