Posted by: Mayu | July 23, 2009

My turnip traders

Tehehe Mayu had a lot of visitors tonight 😉 . I announced on my blog that Nook offered a price of 533 bells per turnip and there were several people who visited me . After 1 hour I went offline and only kept my gates open ;).

Selina from Elesmera came to Mitsukyo ^^

Meow, who was selling the turnips from Jenny, lol. That’s so kind of you 😉

Brayden was the most busiest friend, he/she (it’s a woman playing a male character) and her friend Lila brought LOADS of turnips. Yaay, so Nook was a lot bell-squeezed, very good! :mrgreen:

The pink hair Geisha is Lila, hello! ^^ And the blue-haired girl is Mandy, I know her for a long time now and I was happy to see her again 😀

This is the former Mandy I used to know lol, she still has got this style.

Well nothing more to tell, Brayden and Lila were really busy with selling their turnips and I don’t know if anyone else might have come to Mitsukyo 😉 .


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