Posted by: Mayu | July 23, 2009

My last golden net!!

Finally!! Haru caught her last bug:

The giant beetle!! 😀

Hoooray!!! Aww, I’m kinda sad now, I won’t ever see this scene again as all my charas have got all golden tools now… xP

Well, after saving and restarting Tortimer is waiting for me as usual 😉

Yes yes… he has to look DEEPLY in his pockets to find my golden net lol. 😆

My last happy jingle… *sniff* But I’m also glad!! I did it!! After 2 years and 10 months all charas caught all bugs and fish, yaaaay!! 😀

Tadaaaa! :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot Tortimer!! 😀 Now you also won’t ever visit me again xP



  1. Cooooooooooooolll 🙂
    Gratuliere 😉

    • Thanks Nico 😀

  2. Good job!! 😀

  3. Woot! Lol, glad you got it this time, and you didn’t forget about another bug you need 🙄 😆

    • Haha thanks a lot Thea ^^
      I was really surprised that time that I forgot the giant beetle xP.
      But I also have to force myself this time to play earlier than 8PM, because the giant beetle only appear when I’m still busy or sleeping 😆

  4. Hii, thanks for my comment, and my link.
    Im glad you like my blog, yours is amazing!

    if you want to wifi anytime;
    Code- 3738-7868-3035

    Keep up the great work XD

    • Thank you :3
      I’ll add you with Miki ^^

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