Posted by: Mayu | July 23, 2009

Graveyard theme!!

I met Kerstin from Berlin today, hooray! 😀

Kerstin also wanted to sell some turnips in the afternoon, my Nook offered a price of 533 bells, how cool! 8)

I hope Nook has got enough money for todays turnip mania in my town xD

After that I was invited to come to Berlin, because, when you know Kerstin, she always has got awesome ideas to decorate her town x3 ♥ ♥

Tadaa, yay nice to be here again! 😀 I’ve changed my clothes into a black one, because…

Her town is a big graveyard!! LOL 😆 Hahaha, I always like your humour, Kerstin! I really was fascinated by your town and laughed several times loud xD.

All graves are surrounded by beautiful flowers and the grey path is guiding us through the town ^^

The right side of her town is covered FULL with flowers 😮 , wow you have to water a lot every day 😉

This is the graveyard’s chapel…

… silence… death watch…awestruck…all is combined in this room

Oh how convenient, even couples can have a public viewing (I don’t know what it’s called in English when the dead corpse are layed down in the coffin 😉 )

Let’s have a peep to the other room. The shark in the background looks very hungry… 😯

And I was surprised by the invisible chair when I wanted to get into this room haha.

EEEEEK!! This spider gives me the creep on the graveyard!! 😯 😯

Visiting Boone…hmmm…. is this the crematorium? :mrgreen: xP

There were also other visitors, the sleeping beauty is Selina from Elesmera and…

the black beauty was Hermine from Hogwards (not Rhea, it’s a German friend of Kerstin 😉 )

It was a wonderful afternoon Kerstin, I really enjoyed it a lot and hope to see you again 😀



  1. wow she got that tan quickarouny (well quick)

  2. Nice graveyard theme!!!

    Which reminds me. Did you know that gyroids are used in Japan as ceremonial figures and are buried with deceased people. So technically, when you dig up a gyroid, you’re digging up a dead persons grave!:O

  3. Whoa, i so did not know that,
    to me the gyriods are worthless

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