Posted by: Mayu | July 22, 2009

Glitched bug and acorn entrance

Yay, it’s nice to be in TwinLeaf again. ^^

We all admired Dawn’s Pichu-Flag here 😀

Then I wanted to catch this dynastid beetle…

Wham!! I got it!! Or not?!? 😯 Bam! Another try!

Still there???? This beetle is reall fearless!! 😯 Well, after several times of trying to catch it the beetle suddenly vanished somehow lol. Nicole saw me just hitting the net on an empty tree trunk xD 😆

Cupcake really has got loads of cute stuff! 🙂 This sailor outfit or Japanese schooluniform is great!

But Dawn also has some sweet ideas x3 ! Those little bear and panda next to the kitchen is lovely ~♥

After that we also went to Nicole’s and finally to my town. But unfortunately I only have 2 pics of that… 🙄 sorry about that!

That’s a nice idea Nicole! 😀 Going through the acorn trees is surprising lol.

My last pic of the evening, where I’ve opened my gates. Jake was there, too – sorry that it’s the only pic of you… 😳


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