Posted by: Mayu | July 22, 2009

Girl’s funny foolishness xD

Hahaha I laughed a lot again tonight, it’s so fun playing with you people 😆 .

Nicole was my first visitor and then a new person came to my town: it’s Cupcake from KAWAII♥! Welcome!! 😀

Hee hee, when I said ‘look around’ Cupcake soon started to touch the wallpaper event, awesome!! 😉

Isnt’ she cute? ^^ Of course all people wanted to be on the pic together, Dawn has also arrived already 😉

That’s a nice pic of us. Wow Dawn, you’re really looking like the Dawn of Pokemon, I’ve checked her outfit xD. Great!
(shhh… if you wanna see some weird Dawn’s… just click on this pic… :mrgreen: … but shuuush *giggle*)

Our netfight was sooo funny :lol:, I bet everyone has got bad bruises!!

Then we even watered each other, yuck!! My clothes weren’t only soaked by the rain, but also from three for-ever-full watercans!! 😈

After that we all wanted to see Cupcake’s town, tehehe, we’re always curious about new towns x3 ~♥
To be continued in the next post 😉



  1. Hehe! That was fun! 😀

  2. I was the one who made her outfit xD
    Also my flight to new york was cancelled. *cries*

    • Awwww Zoe!! 😦 How sad!! I thought you were already there and enjoying American style… *sniff*

      But great design Zoe! 😀

  3. Thanks, wanna come over tonight?

    • Oh sorry Zoe,I promised Nicole to open tonight 😉

  4. Well if you decide to come I’ll be open but AFK. I need to go to the shops :]

  5. Oh OK. Maybe come later? How about 9pm your time?

    • I’ll see and try Zoe ^^

  6. Ty ^..^

    • Sorry Zoe, Cody came and as I’ve promised him for a long time now, to help him getting PTS I decided to do it now…
      Hope you aren’t mad at me…

  7. I had to go out anyway, no worries. Well we have a flight for tomorrow, so see yhoo whenever

    • Oh ok Zoe ^^. Have a nice trip and pls take care of yourself 😀

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