Posted by: Mayu | July 21, 2009

Haru’s new friend: Robin from Austria

This afternoon I decided to open my gates with Haru! It has been a while when I had visitors in my town of her friendlist… So I was quite curious if anyone is coming…
But then a new blog visitor asked me if we can swap friend codes. Of course, that was no problem as Haru’s roster isn’t full yet 😉

So I welcomed Robin from Austria, but in real he’s from Switzerland, so don’t be confused lol 😉

We strolled over my town…

…and went looking the fish area in the museum. ^^

I asked him to turn around that I can take a pic of him lol. Thanks Robin, I know that’s it’s kinda weird to turn the face always to the ‘camera’ although we are talking to each other lol.

Nico is back!!! He has got a new town again, check the FC-page to get his new codes ^^

Haha, Robin left some coins for the piggy bank, thank you!! x3

And Nico touched all wallpapers ^^

Then we all went fishing…

… I think it was ocean-sunfish-afternoon this time?? Tehehehe, we’re all hidden behind them xP

After that we had the idea to release them all together in the tiny pond. LOL I hope my pic can show something of this event 😛

Well, kinda blurred, but it’s not easy to click on the touch screen and the camera simultaneously 😆

Hope to see you both soon again ^^



  1. Excuse me, but I am a little “prehistoric”, as far as technology goes. I need to find out how to get, use, or work wifi. I really want to go to your town but i can’t get a friend code unless i have it! Please help!!!

    /X\\\ /
    \X/// \

    • Have you seen my FAQ page here on this blog? There I’ve tried to explain it to people, I don’t know if that’s a help for you, but when you need some answers, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll try to help you.

  2. Hey, ive been looking at your blog and its really good. Im also doing a Wild world blog. Ive put a link to your blog on my blog. If you dont want it there just email me and i will remove it. Would love to wifi with you soon x


    • Thank you Laura ^^
      What is your blog? Can I have the address of it? 🙂 I don’t mind when you link to me, but when I should do the same I need your url lol.

      edit: oh wait I think I’ve found it xD

  3. Hallöchen,ich wollte fragen wie du das Sparschwein bekommen hast?

    • Das Sparschwein bekommt man, wenn man 10.000.000 Sternis auf dem Konto hat.

  4. Danke acwwfan 2410. Da muss ich noch lang sparen ,ich hab erst 1 000 000 Sternis

    • bitte 😉

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