Posted by: Mayu | July 20, 2009

Muhihi, a flea!

Ok, here are the latest pics of this evening ^^:

Nicole and Cody were my first guests, followed by…

Dawn! Hello you three! 🙂
Nicole also saw Claire’s gates open so she decided to visit her in Pixelpop, but as soon as she was out of Mitsukyo, guess who was visiting me:

It was Claire!! LOL Oh no, poor Nicole xP

I swapped my Gracie’s shirt with the watermelon shirt of Cody. Thanks a lot 😉

Haha Claire, be careful, I’ve got SOMETHING in my hand!! 😈 lol!!

Tehehehe, is the flea tickling you?!? :mrgreen: 😆

Then we all went to the beautiful town Pixelpop:

Jake was also there, hey, I want to see your face! 🙂

Ahh much better! Yay, you’re also tanned, looks good! ^^

Muwaahh! Of course I had to fall into a pitfall! 😡


Actually I wanted to show you the twin pair shirt of Claire and Jake. But both changed again their shirts before I was able to take a pic! xD

After that I wanted to go to Codys town as he was inviting me to come, but I couldn’t see his town when I finally managed to get out of Pixelpop lol.
Well, let’s do it again another time, Cody 😉

It was a nice evening, thank you @all!!



  1. yeah poor poor poor me

  2. hehe
    i also chaged my hair to the same as claires

  3. oo yeah and i didtoo

  4. Yes it was sooo funny xD LOL btw I’m sorry Cody! I don’t hate you at all pls forgive me

  5. i forgive you

    • you keep asking cody who is claire and Claire is Rebecca.

  6. hi rebecca do you what to come to my town

    • you want the zebra shirt .

  7. yes

  8. does anybody what to come to my town if so look in mayus fcs

  9. Holy cudcakes! that town is SUUUUUUPEEEEER COLORFUL! …I wish i had a town like that… 😐

  10. Thank you!!
    Lol I am so late on commenting…
    I’m Claire btw, that’s my town pixelpop

    • Hii Claire, so nice to see you back again 😀

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