Posted by: Mayu | July 18, 2009

Eeek, Wibbly Wobbly!

Today I had only time in the late evening to play, so I decided to look with Yuki for open gates and found Hampton, the town of Jenny ^^:

Hello Jenny! It has been a while, thanks for letting me visit. Your tan looks great!

Ha, I caught a frog again! But Jenny wasn’t very amused, she screamed when she saw him lol.

Oook, never mind, bye bye little frog xP!

Jenny got the golden net and golden rod during the last 2 weeks! Heey, congrats! What do you say? You love net fights?? :mrgreen:

Then let’s go!!! 😈 Muahahahaha!

Maggie from Cloud9 visited Jenny too, hooray!

We had lot of fun with catching fish and soon it was time for me to go.
It was a relaxing and funny evening! Thank you Jenny and Maggie! 🙂



  1. That’s so cool! I am very happy for you!!! Hey, maybe you can come over to my town sometime soon! My friend code is: 123012301230! And my town’s are: Coolton, Lollypop, Rockstar, and Shannon!



    • Ummmm, your FC is wrong and you have 4 towns? :/

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