Posted by: Mayu | July 17, 2009

Crossed umbrellas

I had a lovely evening with my young friends again ^^.
As my guests there were:

Zoe!! Finally her Wifi is working again, hooray!! Aww your shirt is so cute!! ♥

And Nicole was there, she’s really an always friendly and funny girl ^^

Emmy from Emerald looks like a French girl today! Bonsoir! 😀

Doing the July event in my town…

…but we also chit-chatted a lot!! That was fun! 🙂

Actually we can get tan from now on, but it has been always raining in my town… 😦 Zoe already had a little tan, you can see that on the pics, if you look closely 😉

Whoa, that’s a weird pic lol. Luckily our umbrellas remained intact after that lol. 😆



  1. i didn’t know you guys were doing the july event!!! Fun!!

  2. I love the way your events are fun and teach us about and help us with animal crossing 😀
    I really wish I had wifi 🙄 I hope I get it soon again!!

    • Thanks Thea! 🙂 I’m really glad that you still are coming to my site even though you can’t play ACWW anymore… 😦
      Get it soon back!!! LOL 😀

  3. hi miki
    today i chopped all the trees down from BLACKZ there none left.
    then i put 16×16 squares up to mark the acres all i have to do now is put lots of trees and flowers up.

    • Wow, that was a lot of work I guess!
      Fingers crossed that you’ll get PTS soon! 😀

  4. hey I am working on my ta at the moment so I thought I would come o your website for a bit.

  5. I touched them all except 3 lol

  6. hah Emerald does for real look like a French Guy.

  7. um my name is Emmy my town is Emerald

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