Posted by: Mayu | July 16, 2009

From Mitsukyo over TwinLeaf to Greece

Wow, an evening where I had enough time to play again, lol, I missed that in the last weeks xP . So a lot of pics to show you again, yay.
I opened my gates first and I didn’t have to wait long to have my first visitors:

Rhea came in Chinese outfit today, how cute 😉

But also her brother Andrew was there, hello! ^^

Rhea took the chance to touch all wallpapers.

Later on Dawn dropped by, yay, full town again! 😀

Wooow! You can jump really high Rhea 😆 lol!

Then we all went to Dawn’s town TwinLeaf 🙂 . Aww you have also got such a cute picnic blanket. ♥ And what do you do on a picnic blanket?

Correct!! Eat like mad! :mrgreen:

Let’s have a look inside Dawn’s house ^^

Heeeey, just when I wanted to bump our heads, you went off the bed LOL.

This is such an awesome room. I love the black grand piano, I wish I had one in real, too, lol!

Shhhhhh, Miss Beauty is sleeping… :mrgreen:

Chevre is Dawn’s favourite neighbour in TwinLeaf. She’s really cute.

Half an hour later we headed over to Rhea’s town Greece :):

Oh, what a pity, the flag is a little blurred on this pic. You have to see it with your own eyes, it’s so pretty!

And look at all those awesome patterns!! Amazing! 😯

Aww a sweet bench in front of Rhea’s house… but have you missed one line?

Lol, Aurora needs a VERY long necklace for her neck xP.

Rhea’s house was really interesting, such a lot of pretty spots there everywhere, Rhea has got such an awesome individual style, I liked that.

In the cinema! 😀

EEEEEEEEKKK!! Hey!!! Are you blogreaders peeping into the bathroom?!?!?!?

Having an enthuastic battle at the arcade game!!! But….


Tehehehe, the toilet sign is cute x3

Thanks for all the fun Andrew, Rhea and Dawn, it was a great evening ^^



  1. Im restarting my town, miki.It was glitched so i will give you my new fc

    • My new info

      154835185869 Hermione Hogwarts

      • Ok Rhea, I’ll add you back ^^

  2. ty!

  3. lol! it looks like rhea was scared of the fish that you caught! : D

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