Posted by: Mayu | July 14, 2009

Fanfic: Dawn and the myth of the piece of the sky Part 3 by Dawn

You will meet.. Misty,Miki,Dawn,Cherve,Nan,Gracie,Resetti

Cherve: Dawn! Please come and eat
Dawn: Yumm… Cherve your a great cook
Cherve: Thanks… Miki was looking for you
Miki: Hi Dawn lets go and see Misty
*At the hospital*
Misty: The sky… You have it
Dawn: Yes
Misty: The sky piece..
Miki: I wanna help! In any way
Misty: i had the piece of sky since i was in TwinLeaf.. I hid it in a locket under my clothes..
Misty: When i fwll the piece of sky fell out of my locket and i gave it to you
* Resetti pops up*
Resetti: garara poor Misty
*Resetti goes back under*
Dawn: Why didnt you tell me!?!?! How can i trust you again?
*Misty starts to cry*
Misty: You are my best friend.. I din’t want you to get hurt by it. I kept it a secret
Cherve: Hey, we savd you some of Nan’s cupcakes! Want one?
Misty: Me please!
*Cherve gives Misty the cupcake*
Misty: Very nice!
Misty: Im beter now lets go home
Nan: Glad you liked the cupcakes
*Everyone goes home*
Dawn: Misty.. Your a true friend!



  1. Awww am I also involved? x3 Or is it another chara 😆
    Cute story, keep up this nice fanfic ^^

  2. It’s you Mayu. It was my idea

    • Lol, that’s so kind of you ^^ 😳

  3. ur welcome 🙂

  4. wow!!! love it!!! is there a part 4?

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