Posted by: Mayu | July 14, 2009

An evening with Meow

Tuesday evening and I was again too late to open my gates at 8PM, sigh xP…
At 9PM I was looking first if someone else was open and found Funky, hooray!

Hii, it’s good to see you again, I’m always looking forward to Tuesdays to meet you up ^^

Oops, sorry, I forgot. I should only show you from your good site xP

We went visiting all her neighbours, Rosie is still there and she’ll be captured in Funky forever, because Meow is always having an eye on her… 👿

Later on we went to my town and Meow touched all her missing wallpapers 😉

Haha, I had to laugh when Meow told me that Roscoes shirt looks like a tank top and boxer shorts xP. She’s so right 😆

Fighting for the best side of bed… 😛

And we also visited all my neighbours. Frobert, you really like to stand in the foreground, don’t you?

Thanks for the lot of fun Meow ^^


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