Posted by: Mayu | July 13, 2009

Strolling over Zikkopop

This morning I had some free time and I decided to open my gates to meet up my Australian friends, when they might be looking for someone to play 😉

And there was soon a visitor, it’s Tilly from Zikkopop! Yaay! Nice to see you again!

Finally I can give you all the ordered items and your prizes of the sound contest! 🙂 By the way, there are still many people who haven’t answered yet what they want as prizes, where are you all?? … oO 😆

Then we headed over to Tilly’s town. She wanted to show me her new arranged town ^^

Ahh that’s neat. Tilly has got several ‘hybrid boxes’ like this in her town, it’s a good idea to check if some of the normal flowers breeded some special ones like this orange rose for example 🙂

Lovely flowers in front of the museum and …

Tilly also decorated her Sumo-Wrestling-Area with cute yellow cosmos around it. That’s pretty!

Inside her house I was surprised that this only gyroid made such a lot of noises LOL, it sounded like there were 4 of them xP.

I liked this kitchen, it has got some elegant note ^^.

In the dark you can see the interior of the microwave much better :mrgreen:
I wonder what this could be? A wrapped Tortilla? Spring rolls? Hmmmm….

The library was also really cool! And I said hello to her pet shark ummm what was her name… Helga? Helena? I forgot xP

Outside again I saw these lovely footsteps, hehehe, how cute.

And at the waterfall we had a nice picnic, Tilly brought a basket full of yummy stuff 😆

I had a lot of fun Tilly, thanks a lot! We have to meet up soon again 😀



  1. hm I wonder if there were 4 how loud it would be probubally deathaning

    • yh emmy! i agree

    • Well, it’s quite annoying but I think this only gyroid made the most noise of the 4 lol

  2. hi mayu! lol that was fun 😉
    can we wifi again maybe friday the 24th, usual time, your town?
    lol i need to finish the wallpapers and it would be great to see you AGAIN, lol!

    • I can’t promise, but I’ll keep that in mind. Hope to see you soon again, too ^^

  3. haha, looking back at these posts i slightly regret restarting.
    but, now that i think about it, i REALLY hated my layout. though i miss tilly and her awesomely full catalogue and stuff xD

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