Posted by: Mayu | July 11, 2009

Playing fun in Pixelpop

Yay, I saw Claire’s town Pixelpop open this evening ^^

Hello again :), and hiii Nicole! Glad to see you both again!

Ahhh, the colourful Pixelpop is of one pattern richer lol, the street looks great! 😉

But the old ones are also there. Awww this pattern reminded us all of Liv, she used to like it that much! Liv come back soon again!!

A netfight was a must here!! LOL, hahaha that was great fun! Ouch! Take this! Bang! Zong! Ugh! xP

We also had a fishing competition, whose fish is the biggest?

Well, we all had lousy odd seabass as the biggest one! Just when we wanted to show them all Claire has released her instead of showing tehehehe! 😆

But then she caught another one (well, that isn’t difficult, is it LOL) and here we are: All proud of our big seabass!! Ugh! xD

You both look sweet on this pic ^^
Then Claire had to go and Nicole invited me to come to her town Lollipop. I’ll tell you about it in my next post.



  1. my town is not sunkist lol

  2. Argh I’ve written it here again lol sorry lol

  3. lol

  4. Rebecca i haven’t heard about you in days !!! hope you still have Wi-fi!!!

  5. looooool 😆
    i look so funny in the pic where im crying because i released the seabass!
    i love the pic of us 3 on the beach!
    its mah fave! x3

    • Hahaha, that was really a funny moment 😆 xP

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