Posted by: Mayu | July 11, 2009

Fanfic: Dawn and the myth of the Sky Part 1 by Dawn

This parts characters.. Dawn,Ash,Jay,Misty,Yuka,Nan,Roscoe

Dawn: Zzzzzz am nyam na… Zzzz Mwyan…
Ash: *shaking Dawn* WAKE UP!
Ash: *still shacking Dawn* WAKE UP I SAID WAKE UP!
Dawn: W-what? Whats the time Ash
Ash: 4am
Dawn: HOLY MOLY give me 4 more hours sleep!
Ash: No its to inportent Misty’s in trouble!
Dawn: You sort it out the Mr Ash..
Ash: She wo’nt let me she wants you
* Dawn runs downstairs and rushes to where misty is*
* some animals gather with Dawn.*
Yuka: Whats up with that misty cry baby?
Misty: Oww i broke my knee! SAVE ME!
Jay: I’ll call the hostipatl!
Nan: Poor thing.. Dawn will she be ok?
Dawn: I dont know..
Misty: Before i go.. Take this..
Dawn: It’s a most pleasnt blue.. with clouds in it?
*Misty is carried away on a stretcher and into the amblence*
Dawn: Whats this then?
Nan: I think its a piece of the sky!
Ash: I think its a blue stone
Jay: Give me that!
Jay: It feels like.. Air?
*jay pases the sky piece back to dawn*
*Roseceo comes running*
Roseeo: Quickly to able sisters!
* Everyone goes with rosceo



  1. Yay a new fanfic again! 😀
    Are Ash and Misty from Pokemon?
    Well, I wonder what this piece of sky is …
    looking forward to part 2!!

  2. Hii Dawn! 🙂 Cool Fanfic! ^^ I really liked it 😀 Ooh could it be? A piece of the sky? 😮 That would be exciting! 😛 Cant wait for part 2! :mrgreen:

  3. Dawn’s from pokemon aswell. and ive made part 2 OH yesh!

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